Dockercon 2019 SFO Recap & Announcements

This blog is just about key takeaway points from a Meetup Event :



1. Dockercon 19 Recap & Announcement by 

Ajeet Singh Raina

Importanat playlists

Docker Labs : DockerLabs brings you tutorials that help you get hands-on experience using Docker & Kubernetes.

Ajeet discussed about Docker desktop enterprise and its feature application designer. Version Packs is used for backward compatibility.

"docker buildx" is useful to build Docker container image for various on-premises and cloud platform in one shot. At present, available only in enterprise version. 

One interesting webinar : "How Docker Simplifies Kubernetes for the Masses"


2. Hardening and Securing your Kubernetes Platform – Munish Kumar Gupta

cAdvisor, is agent running at worker node, which collect usage information. It is not secure. As part of hardening, it is disabled. 

One should refer : Docker file best practicies

Important resources about security : Center for Internet Security (CIS)

If master node comes down, then also the application will be keep running. Yes, during deployment if master node come down then deployment got impacted. 

We should sepeate network for control plane (between master node, worker nodes) and user plane (for pod to pod communication among microservices)

We should have pod restart policy and health check API in plact at pod. 

Munish kept camera icon on right top cornet to indicate picture time. Instead of taking notes, one can take picture of that important slide. 

Generally at VISA deployment the VMs are run with 30 to 40 % of capacity. Containers run with higher capacity.


3. Next Gen Payments Platform For Evolving Digital Economy – Sachin Karjatkar & Prabhu Kadapenthangal Venkatesan


4. Sentiment Analysis using Stanford NLP , Docker , Helidon Microservice - Saiyam Pathak

DockerHub can pull DOCKERFILE from github and build Docker container image with appropriate config settings at DockerHub website. 

Saiyam's suggested to use his github repository for K8s autoscaller components. 
It is based on K8s git hub repository

Helidon is a collection of Java libraries for writing microservices that run on a fast web core powered by Netty.

Torando is a Python web framework and asynchronous networking library,

Nginx is a web server which can also be used as a reverse proxy, load balancer, mail proxy and HTTP cache.

Want to port forward a resource:
kubectl port-forward TYPE/NAME [LOCAL_PORT:]REMOTE_PORT
kubectl  port-forward deployment/saiyam 8081:8080


5. Running Docker containers on IoT - Sangam Biradar

Docker repository for Raspberry Pi


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