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Can technology can really solve the issues concerning to Natural Disasters or Health? Can it really become a powerful medium to answer some of biggest problem of the mother earth? Definitely Yes, It can certainly solve or prove a powerful medium to reach the last person affected due to Natural Calamities. In simple terms, Technology can help to reduce the impact of Natural Disasters.

A study conducted by World Bank in year 2008 about Philippines stated that, “50% of its total land and more than 80% of its total population is venerable to Natural Disasters”. In fact, Philippines is the 3rd most venerable country in the world as far as Natural Disasters and its aftermath is considered.

Heavy and sudden floods; intense monsoons play a vital role to destroy the land and its population the most. Can something be done about it? As a developer myself, I can say Yes.

With proper use of technology, Analytical Data can be easily used to provide essential information as to how a particular structure will respond in case of any unfortunate situation. Cities or Countries which are more affected by such Disaster can easily integrate and make use of geospatial data and come up proper maintenance plan of Entire Township. Geospatial Data provide precise geographical component of a particular areas and thus can play pivotal role in Township Planning and Maintain acne.

Let us take another example and understand How Innovation and Technology Together Can Help us in staying ahead in case of Natural Disaster. In last one decade or so total loss due to natural disaster is around $200 Billion which was at year on year average of 50 billion USD. Trends suggest that rising population and urbanization are driving losses in vulnerable regions. More than million people are moving towards cities every week, most of which is happening in region of Africa and Asia. On the other hand, climate change threatens push 100 million more people into poverty by 2030. Such information is enough to make it clear that disaster risk isn’t static, but rapidly evolving.

Global Facility for Disaster Reduction and Recovery (GFDRR) – A World Bank Initiative along with 34 countries and 9 international organizations across globe are motivating governments of various countries to come forward and invest in smarter technologies such as AI, Mobile Applications, and Navigations etc. and make citizen aware of risk much before it is going to happen. Today, Mobile Phone has a wider reach and even a small SMS in regional language can save millions of life even before a disaster take place.

Do you know that an air balloon can deliver internet in the most rural and unconnected places in the world, Kites can be used to generate electricity in unexpected region. Surprised!

These are some of the issues which are actually solved with the effective use of Technology. So why can’t we come ahead in great numbers and pledge to build solutions to protect the interest of last man living on earth and protect his/her from the aftermath of Natural Disaster!

More than a 1,00,000 developers from 156 countries participated in year 2018 call For Code Challenge organized by IBM and David Clark Cause. More than 2500 applications were designed, developed with use of IBM products and technologies by sharing of knowledge, resource and proper mentorship. Each of the solutions focused on some real life challenges. The aim was simple, Give back To the Society, To Your People something that can save their life and help them to stay healthy.

The mission remains the same this time too. Come forward and join #Callforcode2019 challenge and build solutions that can solve or reduce the impact of Natural Disaster on Human Life. 

The Process to Participate is simple:-
  • Register Yourself with IBM ID on the website
  • Make use of Available Resources and Technologies and Build Your Solutions
  • Be the part of Developer’s Community and share your idea , take necessary mentorship , build team and complete the project.
  • Submit your code with proper demo with participant agreement.

Don’t miss the opportunity this time. Last date is July 29, 2019.
Be the Best. The Winner will get a loud shout on Award Night with a cash reward of $ 2,00,000 apart from Investors and Technology Support.
It’s time to rock!! Go ahead and mark your presence with a solution that matters the most.


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