OpenStack Services and OpenStack Distributions


* NOVA Compute Service
- Main part of IaaS
ZUN Containers Service
QINLING Functions Service

Bare Metal

IRONIC Bare Metal Provisioning Service
- Preboot eXecution Environment PXE
- Intelligent Platform Management Interface IPMI
- can extend with vendor specific plugin
CYBORG Accelerators resource management


SWIFT Object store
-scalable redundant storage system 
* CINDER Block Storage
MANILA Shared filesystems


NEUTRON Networking
- old name Quantum
OCTAVIA Load balancer
- old name Moniker

Shared Services

* KEYSTONE Identity service
- common authentication system
- Can integrate with LDAP
* GLANCE Image service
- It can use SWIFT
- Heat and Nova interface with Glance
BARBICAN Key management
KARBOR Application Data Protection as a Service
SEARCHLIGHT Indexing and Search
- Integrated with Horizon and CLI


* HEAT Orchestration
- OpenStack-native REST API 
- CloudFormation-compatible Query API
SENLIN Clustering service
MISTRAL Workflow service
ZAQAR Messaging Service
- Messages between various components of SaaS and mobile Apps. 
- old name Marconi
BLAZAR Resource reservation service
AODH Alarming Service
- rule based
- defined rules against metric
defined rules against event data 
- metric and event data collected by Ceilometer or Gnocchi

Workload Provisioning

MAGNUM Container Orchestration Engine Provisioning
- K8s
- Apache Mesos
- Docker Swarm
SAHARA Big Data Processing Framework Provisioning
- Elastic MapReduce
- To provision Hadoop cluster
- old name Savanna
TROVE Database as a Service
- Rational DB
- Non-rational DB
- old name RedDwarf

Application Lifecycle

MASAKARI Instances High Availability Service
MURANO Application Catalog
SOLUM Software Development Lifecycle Automation
FREEZER Backup, Restore, and Disaster Recovery

API Proxies

EC2API EC2 API proxy

Web Frontend

* HORIZON Dashboard
- native OpenStack API 
- EC2 compatibility API.

- Single Point of Contact for billing system

- for organizing, analyzing and expanding OpenStack alarms & events, yielding insights regarding the root cause of problems and deducing their existence before they are directly detected

Services marked with * are main services


  • Bright Computing
  • Canonical (Ubuntu)
  • HPE (which was spin-merged to Micro Focus/Suse)
  • IBM
  • Mirantis
  • Oracle OpenStack for Oracle Linux, or O3L
  • Oracle OpenStack for Oracle Solaris
  • Red Hat
  • Sardina Systems
  • Stratoscale
  • SUSE
  • VMware Integrated OpenStack (VIO)


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