DevOps Resources


DevOps approach includes automation and event monitoring at each stage of build. DevOps is set of practice to reduce time to deploy committed code to production. It is cross-function mode of working among development, QA and Operations team. Its variants are:

1. ArchOps for architecture
2. DataOps for data engineers
3. DevSecOps with security
4. WinOps for MicroSoft centric view. etc. 


1. DevOpsDays : Low Cost. Bangalore also
2. DevOps Enterprise Summit (DOES) : High cost
3. Velocity.

Technology Specific events

1. ChefConf
2. PuppetConf
3. AWS re:invent
4. Monitorama
5. Surge
6. ScaleConf
7. Structure 

NewsLatter :

Twitter Handles


Zappa is serverless Python web services
Use case: Reporting system

Security in DevOps

Rugged Manifesto for secure coding
DevOps Audit Defense Toolkit
Threat Stack builds cloud security solution
gauntlt security testing
Signal Sciences is web application firewall
Alien Vault manages cyber attacks. 


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