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Jai SwamiNarayan

Recently, HDH Mahant Swami Maharaj visited Bangalore. All followers of BAPS SwamiNarayan religion were super excited with full of devotion. If one remains in the presence of such divine Saint, even for short time, he/she get huge benefits in all fronts. I was lucky enough to get His blessings and listen to His speeches. He emphasize on importance of unity among all followers/volunteers for great success. 

One of BAPS followers planned to sing Kirtan/Bhajan/rhyme in different languages : Hindi, Panjabi, Gujarati and Sanskrit. I just contributed by translating one such Gujarati hymn

ગુરુદેવના ચરણમાં કરીયે કરોડો વંદન 

into Sanskrit. Here it goes for the benefits of all readers of this blog "Express YourSelf !

गुरुदेवनाम् पादयोः।           कुर्महे कोटि प्रणामान्
परब्रह्मन: पादयोः           कुर्महे कोटि प्रणामान्

भवसागरम् तारयन्त:           न: नाविका: भवन्त:
दीनबंधव: भो: रसवन्त:           कुर्महे कोटि प्रणामान्

वयम् दीन हीना: आगता:           न किमपि नीता:
भवद्भि:  ह्रदा  स्विकृता:            कुर्महे कोटि प्रणामान्

भो: श्री हरिसखीन:           श्रीजी सदृशा: प्रतापिन:
अन्तरे वसन्त: शाक्षिन :            कुर्महे कोटि प्रणामान्

भवन्त: अमृतम्  वर्षन्त:           तथापि वयम् पिपीषन्त:
परम् ह्रदया: रमन्त:            कुर्महे कोटि प्रणामान्

सदा नेत्रेषु वसन्तु              शरणे न: स्थापयन्तु 
वयम् पादयोः वसेम            कुर्महे कोटि प्रणामान्


we all are bowing down at lotus feets of the master for crores of times. 
he is like supreme Bhraman. We all are bowing down at lotus feet of supreme Bhraman for crores of times

oh master, you are making us to cross this worldly ocean (Bhava-saagar). you are like Helmsman /sailor /caption of our boats. 
you are very interesting and relative of all poor people. we all are bowing down for crores of times. 

we are poor and with less reources. We did not bring anything. 
(in spite of that) you accepted us with full heart. we all are bowing down for crores of times. 

you are close friend of God. You are as powerful as God.
you are like witness staying in our hearts. we all are bowing down for crores of times. 

you did rain of nector. in spite of that we are thirsty. 
but our hearts are feeling pleasant. we all are bowing down for crores of times. 

please stay always in our eyes (we always want to see you everywhere). we all surrender you, please accept us. 
we all wish to stay at your lotus feet. we all are bowing down for crores of times.


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