Geeta Jayanti


Dear all,

Once again I wish to invite you all for Geeta Jayanti celebration. Please join at Raghevndra Swami Math. It is off CMH read. Near KFC signal. Opposite to A2B. We will have a wonderful evening together. The even it organized by Ulsoor division of Samskrit Bharati - an NGO working to promote Sanskrit/Samskrit. 

This time Dr. B.Mahadevan Professor from IIM-Bangalore is the president. Dr. Vishwas is a key speaker. He is chief mentor at Samskrit Bharati. 

So see you all there on 15th December, 3:30 PM. 


First of all, let me introduce myself. I am the youngest blogger of the world. Do you know who am I? I got my name on 2nd December. Ojaswee.  Today I want to share that story with you all - the readers - of my father’s blog “Express YourSelf !

Just two and half month back I arrived on this beautiful planet earth. A team of doctors and nurses cleaned me, weighed me. I found this is a complete different environment. So far I was managing in very little space, at a warm and dark place, surrounded by water. Now suddenly no water, full of space, light, cold and air. I was scared and started crying. It made others smile. All people seemed happy because of me. Wow, now, I could move my little limbs as there was enough space! Nurses kept me at warmer, for a while. I liked the warm heat coming from top. I enjoyed. I stopped crying. I was smiling, playing, and moving my little limbs. Then I met my mother, so far I had heard her voice only. We both were eager to see each other. Finally she picked me up with great care and affection. Later on they shifted us to a different room. 

I stayed there for few days. Here also, daily, I got warm heat of the rising sun from windows. Most of the time I was sleeping. Whenever I wake up, I take attendance of people. I found my mother was always with me in that room. Few people I found often present. Many people, just came to see me. That includes men, women and kids also. The elder people gifted me cloths, toys and some of them kept some papers and coins in my hand. It is called money. Later on my parents collected them all from me.  I do not want all such gifts. I enjoyed more with kids. I met few fairies with white dresses and purple dresses (nurses). They always smiled at me, played with me. I liked them, even though they harassed me by needles (injections), water, soap foams and what not.

One day, my mother introduced me that guy. That guy is really horrible. Daily he shouts something “Agadam Bagadam”, in my ears. One aunty told, he is chanting Sanskrit Slokas. No, they were not slokas. I regularly heard Gayatri mantra before my birth. So I know, about slokas. I always confuse what he wants to convey me? Probably he also does not know. Many times I noticed, he speaks, similar to my mother, with other people. However whenever he looked at me he speaks entirely different language. What is it called? Yes Sanskrit.  My mother introduced him. He is my father. Daily morning, he goes somewhere. He comes back evening, sometime night, after my third dinner.

And what’s this? Where are those big windows for sun heat? I think, now again I am at some different room. Yes, I can recall that, I was going down and then up in a small cabin. It is called lift or elevator. I remember, we all sat in a car. It had small windows. Everything was moving, outside the windows. Lights were moving. Other vehicles were moving. People were also moving. And I felt the car was also like the cradle. May be, it was also moving. Oh, and now some other room. My mother introduced me, “this is our home”. She also introduce me different rooms in our home. What is home? Then  they made me slept on a small table. My grandmother was reciting something and suggesting me to dance. 

“Maare Aangan Beto Naache, Beti Naache. Naach Beti Naach”. 

I do not know; even, how to stand up, then how can I dance?  My parents kept some paper, pen and lamp below table. I was wondering and smiling. I know, whenever I smile, all people like and whenever I cry all are doing all kinds of JUGAADs to make me smile. On that night, all people wanted me to cry !! That was surprising. Then all prayed to “Vidhata Mata” to write good luck for me on the eve of 6th night. Oh! Then I understood the reason for keeping paper and pen there. By the way, who is Vidhata Mata? Will she also put some money in my hands or give me some big gift? How Vidhata Mata will know, paper and pen are here. I will inform her. Let her come.
My major activities are sleeping and eating only. Yet I am busy. As, I am doing so many other extra activities also. I smile at all people. Daily I take bath. One lady daily rubs my whole body. I do not like her. She does not understand, how painful it is. She pulls my lags, hands. I always wonder, about reason for it. While doing that he is smiling and talking with me, some other “Agdam Bagdam” language. My mother informed me, it is Kannada. I like my mother’s language only.  Gujarati. My parents are planning to teach me 5 languages. Gujarati, Sanskrit, Kannada, Hindi and English. I may learn more than 5 languages. But you know? From the day one itself, I use the best language of the world. Smile. It is the language of heart and love.
The regular physical exercises are a vital part of my busy schedule. I exercise while lying down itself. I perform few Yogasanas like Sarvangason, Dhanurasan, Gorakhasan etc. In spite of Yoga and exercises, my stomach is upset. People are saying there is gas in my stomach. I cry aloud due to this gas. Then my mother put some bitter drops in my mouth. I tried to stop her, but my father holds my hands. They hold my cheeks also, so I cannot close my mouth!! Then I cry further louder. Overall my mother is good. She loves me. She feeds me. I do not like her, only when she puts those bitter taste drops in my mouth. 

Now let me come back to main topic about my name. One day I was tired due to whole day sleeping, eating, smiling, bath, exercise and bitter drops etc. You know, generally, day time I am very busy and at night, I kept my parents busy. On that night, after dinner, I was sleeping. My parents were talking, so I woke up, but did not open my eyes. They were talking about my name. I like ‘Ojaswee’ as my name very much. I told them many times. It seems, like, my parents asked opinion of many people, about my name. My father referred a dictionary also! One friend suggested, some mathematics on name, called numerology. Mathematics is really good subject. It is all about numbers. How can one apply mathematics on text? My mother also believes such thing.

They found more than 100 names. My father wrote all names in some open black box, called laptop. My grandfather once said him, that, “now this little one is your laptop”. Am I a laptop? No, not me, the black thin box is laptop. On that night, my parents had long discussion about my name. Their friends suggested many good names by e-mail, SMS, telephone call and face-to-face. I thought my parents will call me Aasthha only. All these voting, opinion, list of names etc. are just formalities. No. I was wrong. My parents were serious. They sort listed top 10 names, based on voting. Then they removed some names that they do not like at all. They also added few name. One name, my father did not like, but my mother liked. So unwillingly my father kept it. What was that name? Yes, I remember, but I will not tell you. I opened my eyes and I was just kept saying them, “I like Ojaswee.” They did not understand. They finalized five good names for me. Aashtha, Anuvruti, Ira, Isha, and thank God, Ojaswai was one of them. 

My parents were planning for my naming ceremony. What is naming ceremony? I did not know, at that time. I came to know about it next day only. My mother wanted to have some fun, some excitement in naming ceremony. My father was feeling sleepy. Yet, he started his black box laptop. Look below, he prepared something like this. 

Next day, morning, when I was sleeping, I heard some sweet mantras. Two persons were chanting Gurupuja mantras. I felt some divine presence. I woke up after sometime, when there was so much of singing voices at our home. I noticed many people at our home. They all were singing. They were singing hymns, glory and name of God. Someone was playing musical instrument Tabala. My grandfather was also singing. Then I opened my eyes. At that time, I was in my mother’s hands. One person was holding something and showing to all people. It was handicam. Other person was holding similar other thing, that was flashing. It was camera. They wished me Happy birthday by song.

“Saagar Main Ek Laher Uthi Tere Naam Ki…
Tuje Mubarak Khusiya Aatmagyan ki…
Tujako hai anantame jaakar mil jana…
Tu hai sundai fool is samsara ki”

My birthday gone 2 months back. It was my 0th birthday. My mother commented, “Tere Naam Ki? Her name… !!??!! But she does not have any name, that is why we all are gathered here.”

I shouted “please give me the name Ojaswee”. Then I saw Khusu – a small kid. Yes, he will understand my name. I saw, a plate of rice and a bowl with 5 papers were kept in front of God. I noticed, yesterday what my father prepared in laptop, it is now in our TV along with my photographs. The guests still wanted to suggest few more names for me. I want only one name: Ojaswee. Khusu’s mother requested Khusu to pick up a chit from the bowl. No reaction. All were eager to know my official final name. Last time Khusu told, my name is doll. Doll is a toy. Am I a toy? That day, he did not pick up any paper at all, for a while. I heard my mother was saying, “We took 2 months to decide her name, so let Khusu also take 5 minutes to pick up the paper chit.” My mother and her mother showed him chocolate. I wondered about chocolate. What is it? When they will offer it to me? All people, including me, prayed the God to assign a good name to me. 

Finally he picked up a paper. My father opened it and with great excitement he read my name. Ojaswee. Thank God! I got a nice name. My mother is also happy that this name is perfect as per numerology as well. It is a meaningful name, that indicates brightness, that is my characteristics.

Umaji guided my father about next rituals. He wrote it in a plate of rice with his finger and thumb. First he wrote the lord Ganesh’s name, then my name. He wrote first latter of my name, very wide. So at the end, there was little space to accommodate all characters. Somehow he managed. All were happy and clapping. Then Shivaji guided him, to inform me my name. So he pronounced my name in my right ear, with so much love, two times. First time, he separated all characters and spoke at slow pace. “O…JA…S…Wee. Ojaswee” All clapped.

Few more rituals. Now my mother kept me in a cradle. Four girls moved my cradles and sang

Oli Joli Pipal Pan, Fai E Paadyu Ojaswee Naam.

I was just thinking “PAN? The Green leave?” Meanwhile my mother corrected, Naming is not done by Fai, it is done by Maasi. What is difference between Fai and Maasi? Whatever !

That day also many people came to see me, meet me, play with me. They all are happy people. Few of them gave me money, some big boxes of gifts. They all went down for lunch. They like that day’s lunch. My father informed them that lunch came from a temple and prepared by saints. It was authenticate south Indian cuisine. Few people came very late. Few people even came at time of dinner. They were asking about my name. If they would have come early, then they could have also sing hymns and see my naming ceremony. All were happy with me, my name and many people blessed me that day.

Thus I got a name, Ojaswee as per my choice, our choice.

I will write again on my father’s blog. Till that time, bye and Keep Smiling. Even you have gas trouble then also keep smiling. My parents expect this from me. :) 

- Ojaswee 

P.S. After consulting Sanskrit experts, my father changed my name from Ojaswee to Ojasvini.