• “The Lokpal bill alone cannot eradicate corruption…” – Rahul Gandhi
Rahul Gandhi suddenly got this knowledge after 11 days of Annaji’s fast…
He speaks only after thinking. So called, Indian future Prime minister (!!), takes so much time in thinking….

  • “Anna should contest 2014 elections and then can pass any bill” – Mayawati
Another interpretation is: The ruling party, who has won the election, can pass any irrational bill. 
  • What will happen to website I PAID A BRIBE , once Jan Lokpal bill is passed?

  • At one end, the government and members of parliament wants Anna to end the fast. How come they just skip one whole day without discussion on Lokpal bill !!

  • Let’s lock all the members of parliament in the parliament without providing any food, till they come out with strong Jan Lokpal bill. 
I had great respect for Manmohan Singh’s initiative of economic reforms. I promoted “A View from Outside” book by P. Chidambaram at my blog. Today I regret for my great opinions about Congress. The same P. Chidambaram is now handling Home affairs. He is guiding Delhi Police against anti-corruption movement.

How nice, if some of us civil society people, IT people, middle class people join the politics. Let’s consider useful aspect of, Mayawati’s statement, to implement. Let’s pass people friendly bill. We will speak spontaneously, without written notes. Most of us very little hope from our elected representative. Today Annaji is leading us. We are united under a Gandhian after so many decades. Even if this bill pass, in long run, corruption may take another form. In future, who will unite us to fight against any other injustice? Anyway we have woken up now. So let’s find a constructive long term solution.

Somehow politicians have made entry barrier for us – the common men. We also enjoy such ideas in movies only. Someone has to come forward. What do you think? Express YourSelf !


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