AoL Google Gadgets

Happy New Year 2011. All the best wishes for good health, good wealth for all of you. 

Today I will share my Art of Living related IGoogle Gadgets with you. If you like these gadgets, you can start using them from today. You can gift the knowledge to yourself, on this new year. 

Just add these IGoogle gadgets at your IGoogle homepage, or Google desktop, or Windows Vista/Windows 7 side bar.

Have a look at today's screen-shot. 

Here is the list:

  1. Question Answer with Sri Sri: This is ever green, most popular IGoogle gadget among all the gadgets developed by me. It randomly selected one dialogue with Guruji Sri Sri Ravishankar from a huge collection of question answer. Guruji's answers are full of wit, humor, wisdom and knowledge to deal our practical life. Just try it out.
  2. On Tour with Sri Sri:Guruji keep traveling across the globe. Here the Google Map has been used to indicate His location on planet earth, along-with His tour schedule.
  3. Yoga Pose for Today: Yoga is for every body. Learn a new Yoga posture daily.
  4. Daily DARSHAN of Guruji: This gadget display daily a new photo of Guruji. We have a large collection of Guruji's photos on Picasa. Click here
  5. Spanish Castilian Daily Sutra. Wisdom Perls by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar. Click here 1, click here 2 and click here 3.
  6. English Daily Sutra: Wisdom Perls by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar.Click here 1 and click here 2
  7. Art of Living Blogs: An RSS reader for few interesting Art of Living related blogs.
  8. Wisdom from Sri Sri: An RSS reader for the official Art of Living blog. "Wisdom from Shri Shri". Available in languages: English, Marathi, Spanish, Russian, Hindi and Portuguese
  9. Sri Sri Pictures : A slide-show of Guruji's picture. WOW! You need to see it to experience the bliss !!
As I have wrote in my profile, I got introduced to Art of Living, during its silver jubilee celebration. I sang “We Are One” group song. Later on I did few courses from Art of Living. Sri Sri Ravishankar, once said, we can energize the whole world by bringing knowledge to them. These IGoogle gadgets are my humble effort to spread joy, fun, divine knowledge and wisdom.

Share your comments/feedback. Click here for my earlier article about Swaminarayan IGoogle gadgets. And yes, wait for few more articles about my IGoogle gadgets at your own blog Express YourSelf !

Jaydeep Swadiya

Happy New year 2011

Every year, we celebrate new year. Let's celebrate it this time different. Let' welcome the new year with devotional songs. We are busy throughout our life. Let's spare some time for the almighty, for the God, for the devotion. 

We have Jaydeep Swadiya live in concert at NIMMA BENGALURU on 1st January 2011. Jaydeep Swadiya is world renown singer. Have a look to this video clip. Venue is KEBEA A/c. Auditorium, HB-55, 28, Race Course Road, Near Janta Dal Office, Bangalore, India. Ticket price is reasonable Rs. 300 and Rs 150 only.You can contact 9886188760. All fund goes to BAPS charities. Here are the details:

So you have two choice. Attend this event. Read its event report later on this blog and regret what you have missed. Choice is yours. :)