Hello, How are you all?

I am back after my Diwali vacation. Last year, I shared my first poem related to Diwali, New year wishes. Nena Pidheya Modhala Kavana? and also Rangoli This time yes, few Rangolis I will share. However this post is not about that

I visited Bhagawat Vidyapith at Ahmedabad. Let me share a nice picture, from entrance of Bhagawat Vidyapith. Here is a translation for international readers. This poster describe important qualities that one should cultivate in life. These qualities, practices are like our parents, siblings, friends and our real asset. So I gave title to this article Family.

Self dependency (doing our own work), practice (study), contentment, trust, detachment, religion (duty) are as important as our father. Mother: Goddess Sarswati (goddess of knowledge, wisdom and music), Goddess Gaayatri (Saavitri), cleanliness, service and surrender. Discrimination, self control, rules, convincing and discipline (punishment) are like our brothers. Who are our true friends? The scriptures, good company (company of an enlighten person), good qualities, intention to do good work, hard work and physical exercise. With such family members one can earn the true assets like: SAADHANA (regular spiritual practice), good intention, good intelligence, TITIKSHA (burning desire with patience), peace, devotion, faith and forgiveness.

So I pray for you all of the above on this festival of light (Diwali). All the best.


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