Best from the Waste

Have a look to this nice butterfly. It is created out of colorful paper cups. My blog template also has butterfly image. So I captured this image to upload it here.

How is it?

Venue: Forum shopping mall, Kormanagala, Bangalore, India


Anonymous said...

Hi Manish,
It is really very cool..Sometimes what we feel as waste turns out to be an excellent creation like this :)

I really liked it.

-Himanshu Sheth.

Hiral Shah said...

beautiful.. creativity :)

nilam doshi said...

hi manish..just saw yr blog. nice one. read some articles. nice contect.

want to ask one thing..why in english ? as i know u can write very well in yr mother tongue too.

think over this.

fatre all teacher ne..?
so advice api didhi nahi ? hahhhaaaaaaaaaa

but now u all quite mature . u can teach us.

all the best.
keep it up
nilam doshi

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