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Let me introduce my other blog name "My Poems". As name suggest it contains all my poems. Today I want to write a brief article about my poems. I wrote earlier about it, however those hyper links are broken now. 

My all poems related articles are hereI wrote my first poem about Diwali wishes. I also captured it in my blog. Nena Pidheya Modhala Kavana? After that, HDH Pramukh Swami Maharaj inspired me to write many other subsequent poems. All those poems are here I also wrote about all my romantic poems, "open source love letter" etc. here :  Valentine's Day : Poems

I write many poems in college days. I never wanted to become a poet, who recite boring poems in poets' meet (KAVI SAMELAN). I always tried to write some interesting poems, that have potential to become popular. They looks like immature, however the audience should like them. I recited two such poem about our college life in college events. They both became super hit. Still my seniors and juniors remembered me for those poems. They are CHITKAAR (shouting in pain) and SIGMA (summation) 

I wanted to write a book about my poems. Now today in Facebook era, no one read books. I slowly keep uploading all my poem on blog. Today I completed. they all are here. My Poems I can keep on writing about all poems. Then this article will be long and boring. So let me list out the categories of poems. The reader can choose as per his/her interest. Off course many poems belongs to multiple categories.  Here is the list in alphabetical order

  • College Life
  • Gazal You may feel that some of them does not looks like Gazal !!!
  • HDH Pramukh Swami Maharaj Some of these poems are recited in front of Param Pujya Swamiji. 
  • Most of the poems are in Gujarati language. Few are in Hindi
  • Humorous 
  • Inspirational
  • About Nature
  • Romantic
  • Sonet You may feel that some of them does not looks like Sonet!!!
  • Spiritual My majority poems got this tag. They contains practical wisdom of living life in present moment. "AB" and "HAVE" (meaning now) capture the thought process of mind after doing my first advance meditation course with Guruji

I wrote poems on many subjects. Some of them won prizes in competitions. Some of them published in SHREE magazine. One was broadcasted on FM Radio DIN HUVA Begin...! However there are few poems, I liked the most. They are (1) Ekaanki (a drama with one part) This describe MUMUKSHATAA (desire to meet God) (2) Shabari. She is a famous character of Ramayana epic. 

i wrote about nice poems in Bollywood songs. That article become very popular. I also upload breathless song.  

So I hope, some of the poems you may like. Stay tune to this blog Express YourSelf ! 


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