Today let me share with you concept and unit of time, as per Hindu Mythology. This one I learnt in Gita Sopanam - 4. 

After you read above table, we will feel like our life span is so small. No time to fight, complaint about, hate, argue. Just enjoy every moment on this beautiful planet earth. 


Guru said...

These measures of Kaala are on an astronomical scale.
Could you find anything in the Gita regarding smaller units of time?

Lord Krishna said "Among the Vedas I'm the Sama-veda".
Sama-veda is the source of Indian classical music.
Bhagvad-Gita itself as the name suggests is meant to be sung.

Maatra, Hrasva, Deergha, Pluta, Ekamsa are all related time control in Sanskrit.
The duration of akshara sound and force to be applied are integral to Sanskrit as a sung language.

Any information on this would be really interesting.

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