Docker image, without Internet

Let's assume, you wish to run a K8s pod with Docker container on a host, where there is no Internet. This blog will describe steps 

Run below command on another host, where Internet connection is present. 

docker save -o /

Then transfer to target host using FTP or SCP

At target host, run following command

docker load -i

Now make sure, at YAML file for pod or deployment, you add below line

imagePullPolicy: IfNotPresent

2019: Looking back with smile

Happy New Year 2020

For last two years, I reflect upon my life, achievements for previous year. So here was my year 2019


  • Attended satsang with Sri Sri Ravishankar Guruji. 
  • Read His commentary on "Shrimad Bhagavad Gita", in a WhatsApp group. Effectively utilization of WhatsApp and free time, whenever I need to wait for anyone. 
  • Attended Advance Mediation silence course for the 7th time

Social Media:

  • Now this blog is super active. Maximum posts 73 in this year. Majority are technical
  • Completed a series of online courses under "DevOps for Practitioners". Good refreshment of quality principal, that we learnt during MBA. Also happy to know, how they are applied in today's IT industry. 
  • Tried LinkedIn Premium 
  • GitHub: 
  • Earlier I created category "Bookmark" on this blog. Now it is no longer valid. Technology is changing so far. Many technical posts, I am keep updating. 


Registered for Certified Kubernetes Application Developer (CKAD) exam.  
Attended many technical events, including Kubernetes Day India

Sanskrit Promotion: 

  • Conducted 6th free workshop about Spoken Sanskrit in Feb 2019
  • Encouraged school students for Sanskrit by solving their doubts.
  • Continued watching YouTube series by Dr. Baladevanand Sagar on topic "Learn Sanskrit, Be Modern !". 

  • After almost 10 years, I changed job. Here also, learning new technology and here also, working with best talented people of our industry. 
  • The best part is, coincidentally I gone through an excellent experience at workplace. An acupuncture expert visited to deliver session on stress management. He choose me. He gave acupuncture treatment on my Ajna (Agna or Agya) Chakra, (means forehead where we do TILAK). Suddenly I felt so calm and composed. Really enjoyed. 
  • Reconnected and had nice, meaningful conversion with old colleagues and professional people. 
  • Continue making new friends using Quick Ride


I read an excellent book. Transcendence. Read my book review here. I also read another interesting book "The Phoenix Project". It is a business novel with ToC (Theory of Constraint) principle for DevOps. 


  • Watched few movies:
    • Helaro Gujarati movie was good. 
    • Mission Mangal Hindi movie was the best
  • Watched a documentary movie on 
    • Indian Airforce
    • NaMo's "wild v/s man"

Next Year 2020:
  • Spend more time with people, famly, friends. 
  • Regular in SAADHANA
  • Complete YouTube series by Dr. Baladevanand Sagar on topic "Learn Sanskrit, Be Modern !". 
  • Re-Start conducting Free Spoken Sanskrit classes. 
  • Continue enriching my personal blog. A new series will be started about my personal notes on  "Machine Learning" course at coursera by Andrew NG. 
  • Clean up all old Bookmarks in Google Chrome. 
  • Cultivate good habits and get rid of bad habits. 
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