2018 : Looking back with smile

Happy New Year 2019

Let me continue the tradition, I started last year about reviewing the previous year. Year 2018. 


  • HDH Mahant Swmai Maharaj visited Banglaore. I attended divine PUJA at early morning and Satsang in His presence at evening. 
  • Attended Happiness programme (Part 1) by the Art of Living for the 6th time. It was part of Kannada Festival (RAJYOTSAV) in the month of  November. We all participants met Sri Sri Ravishankar at Ashram
  • Attended HDH Mahant Swami Maharaj's birthday celebration at Bhavnagar, in His divine presence. We also had a short trip to Pune.
  • I attended SHAKTI KRIYA. It is an ultimate process to start blossoming. Enjoyed :-)
  • I am now regular at daily SUDARSHAN KRIYA for last couple of months. 
  • I started again sending regular SMS about EKAADASHI fast, to interested people. 
  • I wrote a short blog about my DIKSHA Guru Pu. Go. Shri. Vallabharaiji Bava Shri (Jamnagar - Chopasani)
  • Attended an event on complete Bhagavad Gita chanting. 
  • Participated at HackIV event in office and demonstrated Machine Learning based, image to HTML converter.  
  • Participated one more Hackathon event and worked on propitiatory edge computing IoT boards to integrate them with Alexa Skill Kit.  
  • Continue attending meetups about advanced technologies and captured, shared my notes at my personal blog.
  • I attended and enjoyed Python session by Luciano Ramalho. 
  • I also developed a small application along with my friend using Python to process Uni-code text. We were trying to analyze text from Bhagavad Gita. 
  • I continued some more experiments with development of Skills using Amazon Alexa Skill kit.
  • Also attended "Bengaluru Tech Summit" and writing key take away points at my blog. Somehow I missed Open Source event. 
  • This year I got opportunity to work on interesting projects in SON domain. I learnt more and enjoyed. 
  • Started watching YouTube series by Dr. Baladevanand Sagar on topic "Learn Sanskrit, Be Modern !". 
  • We planned to present one translated BHAJAN/KIRTAN in Sanskrit to HDH Mahant Swmai Maharaj
  • Attended a competition on Gita Sloka chanting competition orgnaized by Samskrita Bharati. One Sanskrit dialogue from that programme : Watch here. 
  • Encouraged school students for Sanskrit by solving their doubts 
  • Enjoyed few more videos CDs 
  • Enjoyed Gazals from almost all A to Z albums of Jagjit Singh. Also filtered my favorite Gazals. 
  • Watched a documentary movie on Jagjit Singh by name "Woh Kagaz Ki Kasti"
  • Enjoyed one more movie "104 not out"
  • Enjoyed one Dance-cum-drama-cum-RamLila by name "Sri Ram"
  • As a birthday gift to myself, purchased Amazon Alexa Echo Dot. Explore it further for customized skill development. 
  • Also purchased and enjoyed my new Bluetooth speaker. 
Social Media
  • My blog is active now. Majority post are technical in nature. E.g. Node.JS,  OpenStack, Kubernetes, 5G NR, AWS, Python etc. I started series of blogs on DevOps. 
  • Updated my Linked-in profile
  • At WhatsApp now, I learnt and used to see status update of friends. 
  • As I learnt from Sri Sri Ravishankar at Happiness programme : One should utilize social media to spread more positive news. 
I made many new friends using QuickRide car pooling Android apps. Many interesting talks. I came to know about different projects, different companies, different culture in IT industry. I could utilize my travel time to listen to music, to listen to lectures and to meditate. 

Next Year 2019:
  • Spread positive news using Social Media. 
  • Contribute more at Github.
  • Re-Start conducting Free Spoken Sanskrit classes. 
  • Continue enriching my personal blog. The "DevOps" series will continue at the blog. A new series will be started about my personal notes on  "Machine Learning" course at coursera by Andrew NG. 
  • Participate at competitive platform like Kaggle. 
New hope, confidence to move forward, progress in spiritual front, personal front and professional front in this digital era. 

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