Diwali Rangoli

Rangoli one of the most popular art forms in India. It is a form of sandpainting decoration that uses finely ground white powder and colors, and is used commonly outside homes in India.

I observed that @ South India daily people decorate the entrance with white powder Rangoli. @
my origin, Gujarat state, during Diwali festival, we all prepared colorful Rangolis at our entrance. It is welcoming to goddess of wealth - Lakshami.

At my native place Mithapur, we have competition for preparing the best Rangoli during Diwali festival. Today let me share photographs of last year Diwali 2015. You may also like previous article: http://layers7.blogspot.in/2008/11/rangoli-one-of-most-popular-art-forms.htmlhttp://layers7.blogspot.in/2008/11/rangoli-one-of-most-popular-art-forms.html

Semiconductor Industry 2015

Rank Company % Share USD B Up/Down Location
10 STMicroelectronics 2 6.8 -7.8 Geneva, Switzerland
9 Infineon Technologies 2 6.8 19.6 Germany
8 Broadcom 2.5 8.3 Irvine, Calif
7 Toshiba 2.7 9.1 -14.1 Japan
6 Texas Intruments 3.4 11.5 0 Dallas
5 Micron Technology 4.1 13.8 -15.1
4 Qualcomm 4.8 16 -16.7 San Diego
5 SK Hynix 4.9 16.3 2.4 S Korea
6 Samsung 11.3 37.8 9 S Korea
1 Intel 15.4 51.7 -1.2 Santa Clara, Calif
0 Misc 46.9 161.9
100 340

Ref: http://www.crn.com/slide-shows/components-peripherals/300080346/gartner-10-semiconductor-vendors-with-the-most-market-share-in-2015.htm

My Poems

Let me introduce my other blog name "My Poems". As name suggest it contains all my poems. Today I want to write a brief article about my poems. I wrote earlier about it, however those hyper links are broken now. 

My all poems related articles are hereI wrote my first poem about Diwali wishes. I also captured it in my blog. Nena Pidheya Modhala Kavana? After that, HDH Pramukh Swami Maharaj inspired me to write many other subsequent poems. All those poems are here I also wrote about all my romantic poems, "open source love letter" etc. here :  Valentine's Day : Poems

I write many poems in college days. I never wanted to become a poet, who recite boring poems in poets' meet (KAVI SAMELAN). I always tried to write some interesting poems, that have potential to become popular. They looks like immature, however the audience should like them. I recited two such poem about our college life in college events. They both became super hit. Still my seniors and juniors remembered me for those poems. They are CHITKAAR (shouting in pain) and SIGMA (summation) 

I wanted to write a book about my poems. Now today in Facebook era, no one read books. I slowly keep uploading all my poem on blog. Today I completed. they all are here. My Poems I can keep on writing about all poems. Then this article will be long and boring. So let me list out the categories of poems. The reader can choose as per his/her interest. Off course many poems belongs to multiple categories.  Here is the list in alphabetical order

  • College Life
  • Gazal You may feel that some of them does not looks like Gazal !!!
  • HDH Pramukh Swami Maharaj Some of these poems are recited in front of Param Pujya Swamiji. 
  • Most of the poems are in Gujarati language. Few are in Hindi
  • Humorous 
  • Inspirational
  • About Nature
  • Romantic
  • Sonet You may feel that some of them does not looks like Sonet!!!
  • Spiritual My majority poems got this tag. They contains practical wisdom of living life in present moment. "AB" and "HAVE" (meaning now) capture the thought process of mind after doing my first advance meditation course with Guruji

I wrote poems on many subjects. Some of them won prizes in competitions. Some of them published in SHREE magazine. One was broadcasted on FM Radio DIN HUVA Begin...! However there are few poems, I liked the most. They are (1) Ekaanki (a drama with one part) This describe MUMUKSHATAA (desire to meet God) (2) Shabari. She is a famous character of Ramayana epic. 

i wrote about nice poems in Bollywood songs. That article become very popular. I also upload breathless song.  

So I hope, some of the poems you may like. Stay tune to this blog Express YourSelf ! 

Volunteer Also v/s Volunteer Only

This article is based on a session by Shri Janardan Hegde. This is not verbatim. It is about two type of volunteers at Samskrita Bharati. It applies to all volunteer based organisation. Even in a commercial organisation also, there are two types of employees. I wish this article will help all readers to be better volunteer and better employee for their respective organisations. 

We all know meaning of "also" and "Only". For example let's take a sentence "I am doing work" Now how its meaning changes when we add "also" and "only" 

I am doing work
I am also doing work
I am doing work also. 

I am doing work
I am only doing work
I am doing work only. 

The word "only" indicates definitely. 

In any organisation there are two type of volunteers. (1) "also" category and (2) "only" category. At the beginning, all volunteers are "also" category. It is entry level. As they grow, develop, progress, they put their whole heart, and moved to advance level, that is "only" category. Any NGO like Samskrita Bharati is spread so much across the globe is because of such "also" category volunteer. Now let's see the difference in more details: 

For an "also" category volunteer the life is easy. He is like just swimming in the direction of flow. He does the work as per his capabilities. 
For an "only" category volunteer the life is not easy. He swims opposite to flow. He work beyond his capabilities. His life is like climbing a mountain. 

For an "also" category volunteer, there is so much flexibility. He can be 10% volunteer, 20%, 30%, ...90%, even 99.9 % volunteer. He has choice. If he feel difficulties, he may leave. He may follow his own schedule to work. There is lack of discipline. 
For an "only" category volunteer, there is no flexibility, there is no option. He is 100% volunteer. It is like PATIVRATA women. A women can be either PATIVRTA or not PATIVRAT. there cannot be 99.9% PATIVRTA women. Such volunteers do not leave organisation in any situation. They are forever. They are with full of commitment. 

Both volunteers play their role. The "only" category volunteers make the organisation to grow. Wherever they work, the NGO achieves new heights, with stability. Each NGO needs such "only" category volunteers. They are less in numbers. It is difficult to find them/develop them. They are rare. The organisation needs to pay for it. No bargaining. 
It is easy to find many "also" category volunteers. They are like doing JAI JAI KAAR. Here, there is a scope for bargaining to bring them. Sometimes, The organizer wonders, he will come or not, on time. So they assign lesser responsibilities and use them more like assistants. They are also needed in organisation. 

The "only" category volunteers, ask, "what need to be done?" They do not ask question : "how?" They do not think, there are no resources. They manage to organize/mobilize resources. It is like going towards destination without roads. They themselves make their roads. 
The "also" category volunteers says: "There are no resources only. How to proceed?" They walk on roads, that are created by others. 

There was a big event, where Samskrit Bharati volunteers were coming to venue from across the India. There was a list, who comes, when, which train/bus etc. The list handed over to a team of local volunteers. Now they need to plan, how to arrange vehicles.  They should not give excuses , "there are no vehicles only, what to do?" 

The "also" category volunteer thinks oneself as a person. So he has many excuses. Many other social responsibilities.  Kids exam, Health issues. Guest at home. etc. They may think, anyway what I will get, by doing this work. How much time I need to spend etc. 
The "only" category volunteer, only thinks, what is need for the moment for the NGO? No excuses. 
Do you think, that you will ever get time in life, when there will be no difficulties? Suppose you go to take bath in ocean, then do you think, that, whenever there is no waves, I will take bath? 

Once, Janaradan Hegade discussed with an "only" category volunteer. "Is it possible to bring Himalaya mountain to Chennai city?" The volunteer said, "Yes". Janaradan argued, "how it is possible? Himalaya is in North India. Chennai is city of South India." The volunteer explains: "I first see, who is asking me to do this work? If Samskrita Bharati is asking me to bring Himalaya to Chennai, then there must be some well-prepared plan. It is not blind faith. I am aware, I need to show my leadership skill, I need leave my all other works. Still My first answer will be 'OK, let's do it' Is it always impossible to bring Himalaya to Chennai?"

Janaradan Hegade gave another example about his interaction with another  "only" category volunteer. There were many back to back "Sanskrit Sambhaasan Shibir" (Spoken Sanskrit Workshop) to be organised. Too much work, co-ordination at multiple places. Janaradan met him at around 10 PM and asked about his dinner. No dinner. Lunch? No lunch. Then he noticed injuries in legs of the volunteer. Janardan surprised, "why are you not put on shoes? If you need money I will pay now." There was amazing response: "Where is time to buy shoes? There is no question of money. There are many tasks to be completed, that are more important than buying shoes"

Janaradan Hegade recall a very famous event few years back in Bangalore about "Sanskrit Pustak Mela" (Sanskrit book fair/sale/exhibition). He himself could not visualize before the event. He contributed to publications of books. There was very well coordinated and magnificent event. Even today also Bangalore people remember it. 

So what is conclusion? A volunteer should leave every thing? His job? His family? His social life? No. That is not the case. In-spite of having all these things: Job, family, business, social life, it is possible to spare time for volunteer work. A volunteer should have complete faith in NGO for the assigned task. Then he should put his 100% along with team. 

All volunteers at entry level, belong to "also" category. Yes, it is difficult to move up from "also" category to "only" category, and then stay at that category. However, for NGO to grow, they should have some such crazy "only" category volunteers. 

What do you say? 

Comments/suggestions/correction are welcome. 

RefJanardan Hegde Mahodaya's speech


Mobile Operators in Karnataka

This blog is about statistical data analysis to determine, market share of mobile operator in Karnataka.

Input data

I have access to mobile numbers of 1300+ members of an NGO, since about June 2013. 


As we know the first four digit of mobile number indicates the mobile operator in India. I extracted the first 4 digit. Then I referred wikipedia https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mobile_telephone_numbering_in_India to find out the mobile operator. I wrote a simple python code using panda library. 

Here is the code

import pandas as pd
import numpy as np

df = pd.read_csv("C:\RawData.csv", header=None)
df[2] = df[0] / 1000000
df[2] = np.floor(df[2])

series = pd.Series(df.groupby(2).count()[0])

result = pd.read_csv("C:\ssummary.csv", header=None)
plot_data = pd.DataFrame(result.groupby(0).sum())
plot_data = plot_data.sort_values(by=1)
plot_data.plot(kind='pie', autopct='%.2f', subplots=True, figsize=(10,10))

Here is the result


1. The raw input data is not current mobile number of member of the NGO. The members may have change their numbers. 
2. The members can also opt for Mobile Number Portability. The impact on result is ignored. 
3. As part of data cleaning following entries are ignored

- the number with 9 or 11 digits
- the number that belongs to other state. 
- the number whose first four digits are not present at wikipedia. May be wrong number. 


Due to above assumptions, the sample does not truly represent the population. The purpose of this blog is to show how quickly we can infer, using python panda library. This blog is not written for positive or negative publicity of any mobile operator.