Ad-Hoc Amplifier Again

I already explained ad-hoc amplifier. I also explained Live Audio cast This idea is combination of both of them. 

Innovation Name: Ad-hoc amplifier. 

Intent : To establish public announcement system, in open ground. where there is no electricity. 

Context:  Yesterday, I saw a useful application. It is again an ad-hoc amplifier. It is just present of mind. The event was long Sudarshan Kriya at open groud, where Guruji (Sri Sri Ravishankarji) is going to come on 29th April, near Bellendur, Bangalore. After Kriya, there was a short speech from Swamiji about Guruji's upcoming visit. There was power cut. So the amplifier, speakers, public announcement system stopped working. Open ground. The audience sitting at back side was hardly able to hear anything.  

  • This idea can develop ad-hoc public announcement system with available resources, particularity in open ground. 

Two mobiles, A car with audio system. 


GSM provides voice call between two mobile. Mobile output can be connected to audio system of car. Car is automobile, we can drive it, anywhere. 

Connect one mobile to car audio system. We can use either bluetooth OR we can connect mobile with 3.5 mm audio cable to auxiliary input of car audio system. 

Another mobile give to speaker, who is delivering speech at stage. Establish GSM voice call between two mobiles. 

Make the car audio system volume full. Drive the car to backside, so all audience can able to hear. 

Known Uses:

The possible usage can be as follows. 
  • In case of unexpected power cut. 
  • For small gathering
  • Election promotion. 
  • Satsang
  • Speech
  • Not scalable. For larger audience, we cannot deploy multiple car. 
  • We need to mute the phone inside car. 
  • GSM network adds few milisecond of voice latency. So if car is near stage then too much echo effect. 
  • For longer duration, this solution is not suitable as car audio system and mobile all are running on battery. 
  • For speaker, who delivers speech,he/she will hold mobile, not a microphone. 
  • Well suited for human speech. However, for dance programme, GSM network will not handle the quality music over voice call. 
Future Scope

More than one car can be connected to ongoing call, with multiparty call feature. It will increase the cost of voice call. All operators may not provide this service OR all operators may not enable this service as and when needed. 

One can book teleconference bridge, to make the solution further scalable. 

Related Solution 

"3 Idiot" movie suggest another alternatives to use battery of all cars, converts DC to AC and bring back the electricity


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