Sudarshan Kriya is like GPS

This article describes the insight to interpersonal relationships.

Today GPS technology is accessible to most of us on our smartphones. The  GPS helps us to know where we are in relation to other people and places. The navigation softwares guide us while driving to reach our destination.

As we all know our existence has seven layers. Body, Breath, Mind, Memory, Intellect, Ego and Self. 

Most of the time ego is the root cause for interpersonal issues. Ego is like complex interwoven blend of our desires (mind), value system and belief (intellect), past life (memory) and our self-concept. If two parties communicate at different level of existence then conflicts may arise. How nice if we can build a GPS, that tells us, the location of other person vis-a-vis our location on these seven layers of existence. It is easy.

Generally, body-builders, filmstars, models, teenagers, Yoga professionals are more body conscious. Ambitious people, teenagers, politicians and under privileged people  may have many desires and dreams. Few people have strong impression about their childhood. Old people also most of the time think about their past glory or miseries. Professionals and well – educated people are very intelligent. They always seek, logic behind every action, rituals, and traditions. They may also have judgmental and fault finding attitude. The emotional people are more fragile. They may get hurt very easily. Many times egoistic people are result oriented.  It is difficult to motivate lazy people.

We know all these. Yet, generation gap exists. Sometime, we do some common mistakes like,

1. We use logic, reason and past events to prove others’ mistake. The other party at ego level, defensive mode. We are at memory and intellect level. People feel very difficult to give explanations about his/her actions. The true nature of self is to be witness, not the doer.

2. We talk about faith, religion, God, rituals to intellectual people. We are at emotional level and they are at intellect level. 

3. Many times kids demand toys etc. to parents. Kids are at mind level and parents are at intellect level. 

4. We rarely spare time with our parents and grandparents to listen to their life struggle. They are at memory level, we are at intellect level. 

5. We make some joke, comment about other person, which is completely opposite to his/her own self concept and value system. It can deeply hurt his ego if he does not take it lightly. 

6. The youth demand logic behind some religious rituals, without any respect to our ancient sages, who have established such traditions. They are at intellect level, elders at emotional level.

7. As parents we rarely take interest in upcoming trends like Facebook, Twitter etc. We firmly believe social media is useless nuisance of new age. We are at intellect, memory and ego level. 

The conflicts are not always bad. All such conflicts make us stronger. However, we can avoid unnecessary conflicts, if we use GPS to know our location and others’ location on these seven layers. It is much more easier to modify our behavior first and then influence others. GPS helps us to quickly identify, at this moment, what other party may be thinking. Which layer is dominating. Even elders have this skill to some extent. 

If other person is at 

1. Ego level, then agree to him/her. 

2. Memory level then bring him to enjoy the present moment or listen to him with full patience and interest. 

3. Intellect level, then just indicate possibility of scientific reason. 

4. Emotional level then do not talk logic.

5. Mind level with strong desire yourself find out the answer. 

Always remember that this location  keeps changing. We should come out of stereotypes. People are not always egoistic, always emotional neither always intelligent. Even our own opinions keep changing. We rarely come across intelligent people like nuclear scientists, or terrorists or mad people. We meet common men in our day to day life. The common men are by and large good people. 

Have you noticed? We never have any conflicts with kids and enlightened masters. They are at self, inner most layer. Kids are always enthusiastic and ever smiling without any reason. The enlightened masters have only one desire, to divert all people to the divine as per their individual interest. So people come out of ignorance and enjoy true joy of the inner being. 

If we focus on breath then it can be much easier to become aware and apply GPS. Sudarshan Kriya is such a technique. The Sudarshan Kriya moves us to all the layers and introduces us to the new terrain and hidden places, blockages, possibilities and potentialities. Then it brings us to the core part. Self, love, peace, purposeless enthusiasm. That is Art of Living. 

About motivation, already many books are written. Greedy people are motivated by money. Fearful people by some threat. Egoistic people by some challenge. Love motivates all. So let's stay at core part. Self, Love, Peace Atma, Spirit. 

With awareness, one can move from outer layers to innermost Self level. 

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