Bangalore Kubernetes May 2019

Hrishikesh Shinde talked about "Intro to sample controller"

He introduced to following github repositories
Go clients for talking to a kubernetes cluster. It implements watch.
Scheme, typing, encoding, decoding, and conversion packages for Kubernetes and Kubernetes-like API objects. It is used for filter.
Schema of the external API types that are served by the Kubernetes API server. 
Golang code-generators used to implement Kubernetes-style API types.

Hrishikesh further explained his own code repository.
Build replicaset kind of k8s object. Build controller from scratch to demonstrate  KuberBuilder or Operator SDK frameworks

We need to develop boiler plate code at path /pkg/apis/demo/v1alpha1/
1. doc.go
2. register.go
3. types.go

The controller takes 3 actions

1. Check for desire state
2. Strive for desire state
3. Update about resourse status using AvailableReplicaStatus variable. 

Controller uses various data structures (modules) like informer, listers, reflect etc. 

Hrishikesh suggested books like and others. 

Slide deck

Nikhil Tomas talked about "Intro to operator SDK"

I have updated my blog "K8s Operator" with useful details. 

- quick start:

- user guide:

Slide deck

Suraj Narwade gave valuable tips about CKA examNeependra Khare also added some more points. 

One need to focus on concepts and tasks, by studying them four to five times. 

Also study 4 to 5 times the course
Kubernetes - the hard way

Practise, Practise and Practise
Use GCP, AWS, minkube on Linux box or online like Katacoda and CloudYuga
Also refer my blog : Kubernetes Practicals 

There will be only one termianl. So better get familar with tmux

They suggested book : Kubernetes up and runningdive into the future of infrastructure

At begining of exam set alias for various frequently used kubectl commands. 
Also set auto completion of commands
Few useful blogs/URLs

Suraj's slide deck

Neependra mentioned about upcomign webinar from CloudYuga

Meetup Reference


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