Ansible Modules

Ansible has many modules. Here is a list of some of them, that draw my attention

Software installation Related

package – Generic OS package manager
yum – Manages packages with the yum package manager
yum_repository – Add or remove YUM repositories
apk – Manages apk packages
apt – Manages apt-packages
apt_repository – Add and remove APT repositories
apt_rpm – apt_rpm package manager
npm – Manage node.js packages with npm

Other Misc. 

cli_command – Run a cli command on cli-based network devices
command – Executes a command on a remote node
copy – Copies files to remote locations
cron – Manage cron.d and crontab entries
debug – Print statements during execution
fetch – Fetches a file from remote nodes
file – Sets attributes of files
filesystem – Makes a filesystem
find – Return a list of files based on specific criteria
git – Deploy software (or files) from git checkouts
hostname – Manage hostname
ip_netns – Manage network namespaces
iptables – Modify the systems iptables
lineinfile - Mange lines in text files
ping - Try to connect to host, verify a usable python and return pong on success
python_requirements_facts – Show python path and assert dependency versions
reboot – Reboot a machine
service – Manage services
shell – Execute commands in nodes.
systemd - Manage Services
uri – Interacts with webservices

Specific modules for particular technology

os_* OpenStack related modules
docker_* Docker related modules
jenkin_* Jenkins related modules
k8s_* Kuberenetes related modules
net_* Network related modules
win_* Window host related modules



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