2017: Looking back with smile

Happy New Year 2018

I saw few post on blog / Facebook about 2017 review. So let me write one for myself also. Just making a list of important events over last year. 

  • Attended few but very effective Satsang with Sri Sri Guruji and HDH Mahant Swmai Maharaj. 
  • Attended Advance Mediation silence course for the 6th time. 
  • Visited pilgrim places. 
  1. Made resolution at Trichi for daily Padma-Saadhana (sequence of Yogaasanaa) to develop navel region like Lord Vishnu (Padma-Naabh).
  2. Made resolution to read more about knowledge sessions and have more devotion in life at Prayaag Raaj Allahabad. 
  3. Wonderful Darshan of Lord Krishna at Udupi, Sakshi Gopal and ShamaLaji. 
  4. Enjoyed trip to Belur, Kolkota and Puri. Also to Mathura, Delhi Akshardham, Banaras (Kashi), Ayodhya and Chhapaiya. 
  • Re-insure my commitment for daily Sudarshan Kriya and fortnightly fast on Ekaadashi. 

Social Media:
  • Opened account at Github and contributed first script about "customized bulk SMS". 
  • Rejuvenate my personal blog with more technical content and much more in pipeline. Stay tuned.  

  • Participated at HackIII event in office and successfully demonstrated home-automation related use cases using Raspberry Pi and Amazon Alexa. 
  • Completed certification course on "Machine Learning" ahead of time. It is the most popular course on coursera by Andrew NG. 
  • Attended several meetups on Kubernets, Machine Learning, Blockchain, Software architecture etc. 
  • Also attended Developer Connect 2017 event by NVIDIA and FOSS 2017 event
  • Study/Refresh security related fundamentals about PKI, ECC, CA etc. 
  • Refresh C++ OOPs fundamentals. 
  • Analyzed few interesting puzzles about Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence on Kaggale

Public Speaking: 

  • Talked for about an hour on "Introduction to Machine Learning" at meetup. Here is the video link
  • Talked about "Importance of Knowledge" at a local Satsang. 

Sanskrit Promotion: 
  • Attended 3-days all India volunteer meet at Udupi in the presence of Honorable speaker of Parliament Ms. Sumitra Mahajan. 
  • Encouraged school students for Sanskrit by solving their doubts and also promoted Sanskrit to general public. 
  • Posted about "Science in Sanskrit" at Facebook and few WhatsApp groups.
  • My efforts to promote Sanskrit are well-recognized by my employer Aricent on Intranet homepage.  

Family and Friends:

  • Visited native place and enjoyed the trip with family / friends. 
  • Few planned meetings with friends are replaced with long phone calls. 


  • Enjoyed videos CDs and my new headphone. 


New hope, confidence to move forward, progress in spiritual front, personal front and professional front in this digital era. 


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