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Recently I read an interesting news in Times of India. It is about all the software tools useful for kids. So let me share it along with relevant URL

Times of India Article on May 13, 2014, Bangalore edition. Reading, Writing and coding

  1. Gamestar Mechanic : Home page: Wikipedia article: Learning Guide Click here
  2. Tynker : Home page: 
  3. Scratch : It is available with offline version too. Home page: Wikipedia article : TED Talk on Scratch. Click here
  4. Move the Turtle : OS : iOS, Home page : 
  5. Hopscotch Home page: Wikipedia Article : 
  6. Daisy the Dinosaur Home page: 
  7. Cargo-Bot Home page :

As per Wikipedia there are few more educational programming languages include:

Here is list of references where you get to know about more such programming languages


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Mobile apps for programming

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Many useful links

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