Today, I am happy to introduce you to our project e-Vidyalay. Vidyalay means school. Like mail become e-mail, commerce become e-commerce, now Vidyalay is e-Vidyalay. 

It was started by Mrs. Hiral Shah, with intention to provide quality video content with each textbook for school going students. She started this project as one woman army. She created 300+ quality videos for school going students. She got full support from her family and friends from across the globe. Even YouTube (Google) appreciated and acknowledged her work in the field of education. Slowly more and more people joined. 

In today's era of Internet, students are exposed to vast ocean of information. However, there was a lack of quality videos for school going students. The e-Viydalay  fills this gap. E-Vidyalay is an NGO with in education domain. This project is not only about video content creation. It is not limited only to school syllabus. It is dedicated for overall development of a kid. It is not just an additional tool like reference book to get more marks in exam. It covers vast scope, like value education and ethics, inspirational life stories of great people, innovation and creativity, Hobby, Songs, Stories, Yoga Technique for better study etc. The NGO targets even those students in rural area who may not have access to Internet. It targets all the students including under-privileged kids. 

I proud to be part of such noble cause. I invite you to join our volunteer team. If not, at least spread the good words about this good work. Here is the link. http://evidyalay.net/ 


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