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Under Innovation Series "What an idea Sir-ji", I posted an idea about "Ad-hoc Amplifier". Today one more idea. 

Innovation name: Live AudioCast.

Intent: Organize a live audiocast for any event across the globe, over Internet.
Context: Some times, we wish to involve, include our friends for some interesting event. It can be musical concert, inspirational speech or Satsang. Yes we can always call our friend and make him/her listen to. However if our friend is at abroad then ISD calls are expensive. Also, we can make call to one friend, we cannot share the audio with many friends at the same time. 

Few years back, we Art of Living followers used to listen Guruji's knowledge CDs over Skype, from across the globe. One day, I arranged for live audiocast for Satsang at Art of Living Ashram in the presence of Guruji. We all across the globe were excited for this live audiocast.

Applicability: To address a group of people, across the globe. To share live excitement of some interesting event, such as musical concert, inspirational speech or Satsang etc. 


* A pair of simple 2G mobile phone. (GSM or CDMA does not matter.)

* One mobile must have 3.5 mm audio out. (2.5 mm audio out is also fine with suitable adapter to convert it to 3.5 mm socket).

* An audio cable with 3.5 mm jack at both end. 

* A laptop/desktop

* Internet Connection

* Skype software

*  Connect the mobile phone A and computer with audio cable. Mobile out should go as microphone in to the computer. 

*  Make sure, computer is not using internal microphone. Audio is not mute. If one makes call, with mobile A then, remote party voice should come from computer speakers. 

* The another mobile B should be at venue, where the interesting event is going on.  Establish voice call between two mobiles. Make sure, mobile B is near speakers, under good audio condition, minimal ambient noise and minimal echo. 

* Now, one can listen the live audio at computer speaker from the event at remote venue. 

* Now, with this setup, if a person make VoIP Skype group call over Internet, then all participants can also enjoy the same audio. 

Known Uses

* This solution is useful particularly, when no Internet connection at the venue of the event.  Yes 3G and now 4G wireless broadband is omnipresent, their cost is not always affordable. 

* This solution can be implemented at rural area also, where there is no Internet connection, for some event about folk songs, folk story etc. 

* Yes, this audio-cast need to be scheduled, in advance. The participants need to log in to Skype and one person must be present at the venue. If there are people with common interest, geographically distributed then this is a right solution. The group can be alumni students of a college having group voice call, where few friends have only 2G coverage. The group can also be a set of professionals working in the field without Internet connection for regular meetings.


* Over Skype group call maximum 32 participants can be join. So off course this is not a scalable solution. 

* The end-user experience is adversely impacted in case of poor placement of mobile B at the venue with respect to audio speakers. 

* All the participants have to mute microphone at their end.

* This is one way. If the participant wants make it interactive dialogue then, they are solely depend on people who organized this audio cast. (People who have mobile A and mobile B).  

* VoIP calls are optimize for voice. So for music audio-cast, the call quality may not be upto the mark.

Future Scope: 

* Yes, this solution can be improved if one can directly connect the audio system at the venue to the microphone in for the mobile. 

* Also, one can find out Skype alternative, for scalable solution. May be one participant can cascade the call. He can make a call to other set of 32 participants using some other Skype like tool. 

* We can make 3G / 4G video call between a pair of mobile and make live streaming webcast of the event with audio and video both.  

* The same solution can be worked to make cheap ISD calls over VoIP. One needs to figure out cabling for full duplex channels. With this setup only one way simplex voice will be fine.

Related solutions:

Over the period of time, 3G and 4G will penetrate more area and its price will also down. In that case, it will be much easy and affordable to setup even live webcast (with audio and video both). 

Many website including YouTube, allows streaming of live events. However it needs Internet connection at the venue. 


So friends, many telecom professional thinks, VoIP means SIP and IMS only. Skype call is also VoIP call. They think, about some telecom products, switches, softswitch, with SIP protocol and complex feature / scenarios / Call-flows that have nothing to do with our day to day life. Just think again. One can connect any audio input to laptop/desktop in microphone socket, that audio can go over Skype call. Voice over IP. Even entry level basic mobiles have 2.5mm or 3.5mm audio out socket for hands-free. We just need a audio cable to make everything works. 

We also think, live streaming always needs Internet at the venue. If not Internet then some V-SAT satellite link that only media channel posses. We can also have such simple setup with 2G GSM/CDMA technology. 

Coming back to Art of Living. Nowadays, we have live streaming, audio + video webcast over YouTube for all the Satsangs, event (in Guruji's presence) across the globe. Even, one can access live transcript and / or live audiocast using his mobile phone. Further details at Art of Living website.

Stay tune to this innovation series "What an idea Sir-ji" for more such JUGAADs about applied science with limited resources.  


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