Ad-Hoc Amplifier

As you know, I started innovation series sometime back at our blog. "What an idea Sir-ji " I defined the outline for upcoming articles on innovation, application of simple innovative idea to make our day to day life easy. Today its first article on ad-hoc amplifier.

Innovation name: Ad-hoc Amplifier.

Intent: Make an amplifier with available household electronic items.

Context: Amplified voice through speaker system is always effective. The audience can listen to even in the presence of ambient noise. At Art of Living course, it is easier to explain Ujjai breath with help of amplifier. Many times, it may difficult to arrange amplifier for small gathering, in short notice.

Applicability: To address a group of people. To arrange music, singing any entertaining programme. 


*  A microphone with 3.5 mm audio jack. If it has 5.5 mm or 2.5 mm jack, then suitable adapter to convert it to 3.5 mm jack. 
*  A laptop, easily available with IT people. OR Desktop PC. Windows, Linux any OS is OK. 
*  An FM Transmitter. 
*  An FM Radio, and/or two-in-one, and/or any GSM/CDMA mobile handset with built-in FM radio. extra speakers or even TV speakers can be utilized.

*  Connect the microphone to audio in jack of laptop/desktop computer. Many laptop has built-in microphone, that one can use. 

*  Make sure, the audio is not mute in laptop/desktop computer

*  Connect FM transmitter to audio out of laptop/desktop computer. So its speaker will be automatically muted. 
*  Switch on the transmitter.

*  Now tune any FM radio, two-in-one, mobile handset to the frequency of FM transmitter.
*  Mobile phone with extra speakers: Connect extra portable speakers, that might come along with mobile. Connect Computer speaker with mobile. If mobile has 2.5mm out audio socket, then you may need to use 3.5mm (for computer speaker) to 2.5mm (for mobile socket) convertor. 
*  Mobile phone with TV: Connect mobile phone and TV with TV out or HDMI out feature of mobile. If mobile handset has just audio out socket then use a cable with one end 3.5mm jack and other end two RC pins.Red color RC pin for right channel and white one for left channel. Insert the cable pins as per their colors matching with colors of RC sockets at TV. Even Few TV models has built-in FM radio.

*  In the absence of any kind of extra speakers, play FM radio in mobile with its speaker. Request audience to use their mobile as FM radio tuned at transmitted frequency. More number of mobile will add volume. 
*  Even people can use their hands-free earphone to listen to and avoid ambient noise if any,
Known Uses
*  The FM transmitter is very useful to avoid physical cabling at any party, programme or even at home to connect TV or MP3 player or iPod or laptop to remote audio system. One can play same music with multiple FM radios in different rooms.
*  Any can enjoy his favorite TV programme, without disturbing others (particularly  night sleep) with his FM radio in mobile + hands-free earphone and FM transmitter connected to TV. No need of cabled earphone from TV.

*  FM transmitter can have many other uses like setup a spy device to capture audio conversation. 
*  Use FM transmitter to connect your iPod, Music player or mobile handset to Car audio system. Generally all car audio systems have built-in FM Radio.  Such arrangement can also be possible by

With cascading multiple such FM transmitter tuned to different frequency, one can establish a communication channel across a distance. 
*  FM transmitter has short range. However it is sufficient inside car and inside home, small hall.
*  The Usage of FM transmitter (particularly high power one) may be legally prohibited. 
*  If FM transmitter is not set at unused frequency then it jams genuine FM radio channel for public.
Future Scope: One can further explore use of other technologies for home networking like
1.  Bluetooth. Usage of bluetooth speakers and bluetooth dongle. 
2.  WiFi. DLNA standard protocol over home WiFi network. 
3.  Femtocell. In future femtocell may also be capable to connect audio devices.

4.  AM Transmitter should be cheaper. However, FM radio prevails in most of mobile handset.
Related solutions: Cordless microphone are popular since long. Even small battery powered amplifiers availble in the market. Car audio system has 3.5 mm audio Auxiliary (AUX) socket. So travelers can connect their mobile / iPod with an audio cable with 3.5 mm jack at both ends. Nowadays car audio systems are also bluetooth ready.

However, FM Transmitter seems a low cost solution to avoid audio cables and arrange for an ad-hoc amplifier. It goes well with many mobile model having FM Radios.

So friends, we explored ad-hoc amplifier. Next article in this innovation series will be about a simple technique of audio multicast. So our friends at remote places across the globe can enjoy live audio of any speech, or music or any event. Stay tune to your own blog : "Express YourSelf !"


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