Voice of Bangalore - 2010

Garuda Mall, Bangalore is back with Voice of Bangalore event. This time it would be season 4 of Voice of Bangalore. This show has received an amazing response in the last three years.  Like other TV shows "Indian Idol", "TVS Sa Re Ga Ma", this event also provides an opportunity to talented singers. You can get more details here. I had attended the Voice of Bangalore season 4 and let me share its highlights for you all readers of Express YourSelf ! 
Gili Voice of Bangalore Season 4 Mega Final.
Venue: Garuda Mall, Bangalore
Time: 6 to 9:30 Oct 10, 2010
  • A live talent hunt show by Garuda Mall and Radio City
  • 7 intermediate rounds since August 2010,
  • More than 6000 participants.
  • The auditions at various colleges — including the Jain University, National College, Jyothi Nivas College, Vijaya College, the RV Colleges, and PES Institutions — and also at corporates Infosys and Tesco. 
  • The 6 finalists : Yaamini, Shwetha, Apoorva Shridhar and Pareekshith Kumar, Krishna T V, Deepak
  • Three rounds: Compulsory Kannada song, Hindi song and then duet song.
  • Judging panel : Playback singer Udit Narayan, Kannada music director Gurukiran and playback singer Rajesh Krishnan.

Now look at the show, performance, comments from judges.

We had first round of Kannada songs
  1. O My Love (Apoorva)
  2. Krishna Mi Jeevan (Yamini S)
  3. etc. 
We had Hindi songs
  1. Janeja, is dil me tum hi samaaye ho...(Apoorva)
  2. Is pyaar ko main kya naam du? (Parikshit)
  3. Man-Mohana from movie Jodha Akabar (Shewata)
  4. (Krishna)
  5. Teri Niyat Kharab Hai (Yamini)
  6. Tu Hi Tu Satrangi re... from movie Dil Se (Deepak)
Duet Song

  1. Kannada song by Apoorva and Krishna
  2. Albela Sajan Aayo Re from movie Ham Dil De Chuke Sanam
  3. Zoobi Doobi from movie 3 Idiots

Udit Narayan sang
  1. Zee TV, M TV, ...., Bari Holu Bari Holu, 
  2. Papa Kehte Hai (Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak)
  3. Chand Chupa Badal Mein (Ham Dil De Chuke Sanam)
  4. Ham Hai Ek Pal Yaha...
  5. Kunidhu Kunidhu Baare, (Mungaru Male) My favorite song. :-)

List of items, that the winners got as prizes.
  • 'Voice of Bangalore' honor.
  • Maruti A-Star car, 
  • Gili diamond jewelery
  • Watches
And the winners for fourth season Gili Voice of Bangalore are Deepak D. L. (male), and Yamini S. (female).

Look at some still photographs here and here

Media coverage:

HR Session

This is one more flashback event report, from March 2008. Enjoy MAADI !!

On 7th March, 2008 Friday evening, I attended an interesting talk on ‘Selecting, Managing, Motivating and Developing for High Performance’. It was organized by Indian Society for Training and Development’ Mr. Nigel Copsey – A UK based HR consultant was the speaker. He has several years of experience in assisting people to explore their capability, recruitment, getting high performance and retaining talent. He basically addressed the complete working life cycle of an employee from the recruitment to retirement.
How do we get best from an employee, as manager? Simple. By offering the best to them. He involved the audience, when do you enjoy your work? High moral and motivation is possible by Right job and right management, as per McQuaig System. He explained both of them.
90% of selection is done by interview, but only 14% of them is effective. The interviewer gets some impression about the candidate in the first 30 seconds, that carry forward through out the interview. After selecting the right candidate, many times after six months we realized that ….So what is wrong? There are always three level of assessment. 1. Looks as if can do 2. can do and the most important 3. will do Right job depends upon ability and willingness. Ability can be acquired. It can be measured as speed of thought. How quickly the candidate can think, analyze and grasp new things. Many tests measures, numeric capability, verbal reasoning, logic etc. Willingness is depends on temperament.
He explained in detail four characteristics/trait of individual. Competitive v/s accommodating. Sociable v/s analytical. Consistent/Patient v/s driven. Structured v/s independent.  He elaborated it with accounting clerk and account manager examples. Then we discussed some practical problem like…suppose in an account office, if manager retired, who will get promotion as manager. If highly competent accounting clerk get promotion as manager, he will not be suitable for manager job and if he does not get promotion then he will be demoralized. Can we change temperament of a person? Etc….Then  he talked about Emotional Intelligence is combination of maturity, stability, attitude/values and self motivation. If structured interview is added in recruitment procedure then chances increases of getting right candidate from 14% to 40%.  
He also explained the second branch of McQuaig system, right management. After analyzing person as per the four characteristics, how effectively he can be communicated? How to assign task to different kind of individuals? People are generally unwilling to change unless it is a temporary change. 
Again he addressed two practical examples. One lady complaint that her boss always in hurry. When she approaches her for solution, without listening completely he suggests something, which is inappropriate. Now if she follow that suggestion, then definitely it will turn out wrong, if do not follow then also problem. How Nigel guided her to deal with such boss. There are many books about dealing with boss also.
Once at interview, he asked to talented candidate, “what was the greatest challenge you have faced? “ He replied, “Ya…Once I had to prepare tea for six persons….” Generally all the candidates reply “Better prospects” when they asked, “why do you want to change the job?” In reality, there are many factors. Any person, will not take decision to change the job overnight. One should ask a list of at least three reasons for chaning the job to candidate….
It was really informative session. HR professional uses many such tools/instruments. McQuaig System is just one of them. It is similar to some other tool at some extent. He have just touched a tip of iceberg in limited time frame. For further discussions here are the contact details: nigelcopsey@mcquaig.co.uk
+44 (O) 1732 - 453822