My Poems

Good Morning, Have a good day, DIN HUVA Begin and Keep Smiling

Let's laugh at some bitter realities of life.....EVU CHHE EM NE? (Oh it is so!! is it?)

Also Let's discriminate between important and trivial matters SUPADU

I have Small Small Dreams...Do u want to know about them??? DIL HAI CHOTA

Let these dreams remain dreams only. Dreams are always sweet if they remain as dreams.

Faith + Eagerness + Patience = SHABARI (A famous character of RAMAYANA)

Just imagine for a while, if God sitting at temple, can speak....Then what he will say?

CHITKAR !! and Sigma- Our school life, sorry sorry, our college life !! Listen MAADI !!

YAADEN Unforgettable College Life memories of our class IC-98 DDIT

A Rose, Mera Unase Yahee Sawaal Hai..... and Heart Protocol -- Valentine Day Specials

BATEKU CHHOLATI PRIYA - A humorous note. Description of cooking.

Gulab Zal Nu Pani!!! Too much redundancy...A tribute to R.T. Anjaanaa Andekhaa Koi

AB... HAVE...and Move Aah Se Aahaa Tak- Hindi Poems. I recited them at Hindi Kavi
SAMELAN. Watch it.

BreathLess by Shankar Mahaadevan Watch it !!

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