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IPSec Purpose

This time, I want to share some knowledge about IPSec. IPSec is, a kind of framework that specify how to transfer your data over unsecured network. Internet is omnipresent but, untrusted/unsecured network. Anyone over Internet can see your data, alter your data.

IPSec Examples.

The solutuin is IPSec. VPN uses IPSec protocol. VPN is used to connect to your office/coportate network using Internet. Bank transaction uses IPSec. The connection between two mobile operators' PLMN is over IPSec. Femtocell connects to core network of mobile operator using IPSec.

IPSec How it works?

IPSec provides security by encrypting the data. It may also add authentication header, so if someone alter/temper the data, one can detect it. It implements some proven complex matahemtical algorithms for encryption, authenticaiton and key exchange. Both parties perodically keep changes the sceret keys for robust implementation. IPSec has set of protocols defined in vrious RFC documents. It implement database to store the security association for each tunnel. It has its own challenges with NAT.

For detail information, you can Google it. I found this link very useful:
An Illustraed Guide to IPSec

I prepared a mindmap using FreeMind tool, as a summary. Have a look.

Acronyms :

AH Authentication Header
ESP Encapsulating Security Payload
IKE Internet Key Exchange
ISAKMP Internet Security Association Key Management Protocol
NAT Network Address Translation

PLMN Public Land Mobile Network
RFC Request For Comments.
SA Security Association
SADB Security Associations Database
SPD Security Policy Database
SPI Security Parameters Index


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Short and sweet. MindMap looks amazing. Thanks for sharing.

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IPsec VPN solution is more of an “IP engineering” solution.
It will suit customers who value high-grade encryption for their traffic.

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