Shiva = Shhhhhhhhhhhhhh…. waaahhh!


See in all languages and cultures around the world, when someone says Shhhhhhhh… people go quiet. Shhhhhhhhhhhh… be silent, be quiet…

And when you really like something you say “waah…!” , wow!… The universal way of appreciating something is waah! In all cultures, languages and traditions around the world, when you like something you say “Waah!”

And so, when you are silent hushed, and you love it, then you have found that quiet corner in yourself… you have experienced Shhhhhhhh…waah!!!

The essence of Shiva, who is quiet, meditative and blissful!

-Sri Sri Ravishankar

Image: Shiva Temple, KempFort (Now Total shopping mall), MurugeshPaliya, Bangalore, India





Hiral Shah said...

nice observation.
it is same like he(Sri Sri Ravishankar) has explained about "oohm"...he co related it with sound at mountain and at sea.

I read about it from your google gadet. :)

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