I am voting this year! Are you?

Does it Make a difference if i don’t vote ?

Yes it does. Our votes are an important tool to bring about a change in the system. They give us an opportunity to raise our voice against injustice. But many of us have developed a ‘chalta hai’ attitude, because we fail to see the power of our votes. This attitude is dangerous for the country. By not voting we are encouraging the status quo.

Whom can we vote? Are there good people to vote for?

Good politicians exist. And they must be given a chance to do the best they can for the country , for its people. We must encourage broad minded politicians and leaders to come forward and take charge and to educate and uplift the society - spiritually, morally and socially.

Well, why should i vote?

As citizens, we must protect our country from those who manipulate issues for their personal gains and who lead by playing vote-bank politics. Those with vested interests support insensible decisions and oppose sensible ones. We have to steer clear of such leaders.

If we do not take initiative / responsibility today it will be too late tomorrow.

Come lets join hands in creating better nation.

  • Making our country a better place to live - Please Vote
  • Wake up Indians, let us vote for change - Please Vote
  • Come let us join hands to make a difference - Please Vote
  • We want good Governance - Please Vote
  • Its time we change our thinking - Vote for change
  • Let’s take pledge for not to get divided & for change - Vote for change
  • Time to wake up and take action - Please Vote


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workhard said...

I am still skeptical about voting.. all of them are same.. they just have different gimmicks..

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