Aap Aur Ham -1

'Aap Aur Ham' means you and me. It was a TV programme on Indian public channel DoorDarshan, about viewers feedback. So I will post this articles to discuss your comments.

I started this blog with idea to write something new, something different, that you may like it. I thanks all the readers who encouraged me.

Yes R. Patel (
Blab Web and Venture Level - Entrepreneur) I recently started blogging.

Himanshu (Himanshu's Blog - Technology, Entrepreneurship & Business) as being a professional blogger, gave me some useful tips. Thanks. Yes I will write about my Google gadgets. At present, blog has 150+ visitors per month. Credit goes to my Google gadgets and YouTube channel (pmanish). Good that you liked my article about FOSS event. I got few visitors to my blog through Google due to this article. Thanks to Himanshu and Abhay to follow my blog.

Yes Parth (...................) this blog will have some content about Art of Living. However this blog is not only about Art of Living. Same like my YouTube channel pmanish Yes we are lucky to attend such Art of Living programme. Looking for more comments on my blog.

Sydhwaney Has valid point about poor video quality. Please Bare with me, till I change my handset.

Thanks to my school teacher
Nilam Doshi (Param Ujas) for her best wishes and blessings for this blog.

I got some comments about link exchange. Like Thanks to Chessbumbus for sharing blog about chess.
Albion Soft Guys for E-Commerce solutions Fortune Park Hotels Ltd for for Hotels in Bangalore

Music of Mind was the best article I wrote so far. I received useful comments and encouragement on the draft from Sanjita. My roommate Nagesh helped me to decide the title. Many people liked this post. Manoj Parth and My colleague Raiv appreciated it Shilpa appreciated and confirmed that it is NOT technical. Madhuji proposed to make a small documentary movie about it. Neetaji criticized this article and suggested to make it. Thanks to all of them.

Abinaya and Hiral (par excellence - beyod comparison) like the special poem on new year. 'Din Huva Begin' Thanks for your wishes. They also like article about Swami Vivekanada. Leenaji could visualize the complete scene that was written over a century ago by Sister Nivedita.

So Yes, you keep posting your feedback. I will reply them in 'Aap Aur Ham' series. Next articles may be about "Chhote Miya To Chhote Miya, Bade Miya Bhi Subhan Allah", "Concave Mirror", "Yes Chingari Bani Jwala", Telecom/Wireless basic concepts, Video Reports, Poems, Google Gadgets. I am postponing articles about Open source Love Latter and Navratri for next year. I have already requested few of you to become co-author and contribute to this blog. All are welcome.


Hiral Shah said...

Yes, please , I am waiting yr post on google gadget, I tried, but then stuck..now will get help from yr post.
well, I also read FOSS,but didn't give any comment, ..
well, about Navratri,...yes, will do this for sure next year (coming year).

Unknown said...

Hase bhai.....Matha tod javabo aapo cho.......:)

Unknown said...

i am agree with Sydhwaney, he or she has mark the spot, if you want to contribute please modify the Video Quality......even if you have to but NIKON's Coolpix L2.

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