DIN HUVA Begin...!

Dear all readers of this blog

Wishing you a very Happy New Year 2009

Let's begin this year with a nice poem named "DIN HUVA Begin...!" It means the day had begun. It was a popular programme on FM channel 'Radio Mirchi' at Ahmedabad. This name inspired me to express my thoughts about when our day starts. The Gujarati version was translated in Hindi and Kannda languages too.

And yes, here is English translation for all of my International readers.

The Day Begun
What do you think?
When our day usually start?

When Hanee says "Good Morning" to us on Radio Mirchi?
When the newspaper boy brings newspaper for us?
When the milkman brings milk on his bycycle for us?
When the roster sings "Koooookade Koook"
When the sky is painted with reddish orange color of early moring?
When the flowers blossoms in garden?
When AARTI ritual is performed at temple?
Oh! yes when we listen to "SU-PRABHTAM" chanting by ShubhaLakshmi?

No! No! No!

Oh! ??? !!!

Then when day starts?

Let's listen to our inner-selves. Intuition.

The day begins when....

When we wake up from sleep.
When we have enthusiasm to do our work.

When our heart is full of good wishes

When our lives get proper direction

When our minds beome sacred... like a temple and the almighty started staying there.

The day can begin...
Anytime.... Anywhere...

So for this new year 2009, I wish that in your life, the true begining of day happened.

How is this poem? Let me know your feedback. Few years back, I presented this poem to a R.J. named Hanee working at Radio Mirchi Ahmedabad. It was broadcasted with melodious
music from starting of the song "KASAME VAADE NIBHAAYEGE HAM..." in background. Sometime I will share details of my Kannada interview at Radio City Bangalore with R.J. Vasanthi Hariprakash. So stay tune to this blog. Remain enthusiastic for your creative and innovative ideas. All the best for all your dreams to realize in this year 2009.


Anonymous said...

Hi Manish,

Wishing you a Very Happy New Year 2009.. Wishing you a Buffet of Happiness in this year..

BTW a superb peom which waked me also..:-)


Anonymous said...

wishing u a very happy new year .:-) nice article. and nice thought about "Din Huua Begin"

-Hiral Shah

Manish Panchmatia said...

I am presenting this poem, at Goenkaji's home, Bangalore. And one more poem "Move Aah se Aaaha Tak" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wvaxm6W218o

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