Diwali Rangoli

Rangoli one of the most popular art forms in India. It is a form of sandpainting decoration that uses finely ground white powder and colors, and is used commonly outside homes in India.

I observed that @ South India daily people decorate the entrance with white powder Rangoli. @
my origin, Gujarat state, during Diwali festival, we all prepared colorful Rangolis at our entrance. It is welcoming to goddess of wealth - Lakshami.

At my native place Mithapur, we have competition for preparing the best Rangoli. It has three categories: Line, Figure and Shade. Two groups: Below 14 years and Above 14 years. The participants prepare Rangolis at their home. So we all Mithapurians visit thier homes. They prepare wonderful, Rangolis. It may be religious, some contemporary issues, movie, politics and what not. You yourself can see them.


I am just sharing Last two years Rangolis. The album contains few additional photos related to Diwali celebration. You can click above links OR look at both sidebars. I added them as slide shows for your convenience.

Next day to Diwali, is Hindu new year. We all great each other "SAAL MUBARAK" means, Happy New Year. We have social gathering at Mithapur club and same time, prizes are distributed to Rangoli competition winners.

First, time I celebrated this Diwali festival outside Mithapur, at Ahmedabad. We missed Mithapurians and Mithapur and off course Rangolis. However I received one nice photograph of one of the Rangolis. This reflects our joy for winning Nano project for Gujarat. Enjoy.

Anyway, I shared this photos on my Picasa album and my firend circle accorss the globe have appreciated the talents. What is your comments? Did you like these Rangolis and this blog entry?


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Nice one, i liked it especially pic of NANO,



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