Nena Pidheya Modhala Kavana?

Last post was about Diwali festival. So what comes after Diwali festival? It is New Year day as per our Vikram Savant calendar. Many Indian people including people of my Gujarat state celebrate their new year on this day. So today’s blog is about my poem on New Year. If you can read Gujarati, then click here, else you need to read this translated version.

Title is “New Morning”

The poems posted at our DDIT college’s notice board, inspired me to write a poem.

Today at new morning of new year, when the Sun is just rising, a budding poet also put his 100% effort for his first poem.

Yes, as usual, this new year started with rooster’s voice “KOOKADE KOOOOOOOK”. We wished our friends and relatives Happy New year.

However... this New Year appears somewhat different to me, as this Diwali festival is first of its kind in college life. The first ray of the Sun, was like so energetic and inspirable to achieve new horizons.

Not only Sun but, at the sea shore of Mithapur, repeatedly striking waves were also conveying the same message. “Now give up this laziness and put consistent efforts for bright career.”

The colorful Rangolis at each doorstep was like indication of our colorful shining future. The singing birds and smiling flowers were wishing Happy New Year.

Wind was carrying nice smell of those flowers.

That wind just whispered in my ears.

“Manish ! now you also finish this poem here after conveying Happy New Year to all your friends...

"And yes, along that, please do not forget to wish your friends to realize their sweet dreams in this new year.”

How is it?

It is my first poem. Yes I posted it on college’s notice board. I wrote like I have composed it on new year morning. Actually I composed it during my BE examination for Heat Power subject. It was so boring to read theory of hemi-spherical Cochran boiler and super saturated steam. So I took a small Kit-Kat break and jotted down my thoughts as my first poem.

If you do not know Kannada language, then you may be wondering what this title means? It is a line from title song of movie “Amrithadhare”. It means, “Do you remember your first poem?” Yes, I remember it and this post is about my first poem. Sometimes I will write about my innovative experiments with poetry. But now, let me follow what the wind suggested me. Let me end here and wish you all, Happy New Year.


Hiral Shah said...

mast poem...yes, one can write poem when they feel some extreme you felt bore :)

3g4gorwhatever said...

Nice one !!

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