First of all thanks for everyone for your encouragement, best wishes and blessings for this blog. Yes, it is our blog and I have already invited few of you to be my co-authors. This time let me write about Ramlila at Vijya Dashmi festival.

Vijya Dashmi festival is associated with Ramayan epic and ‘Ramlila’ tradition.Ramlila is organized in a makeshift open-air theater at night. It is usually staged by amateur actors drawn from the same social grouping as the audience. The dialog is improvised, and often responsive to audience reactions. The atmosphere is usually festive and free, with the audience whistling and commenting as the story proceeds. Once, Javed Akhtar – a popular lyricist of Bollywood assigned a task to compose a song about Ramlila. Ramayan and Ramalila is associated with Hindu religion. In spite of being Muslim, by religion, he did excellent job in this song about Ramlila. Today I want to write about this song in my blog - “Express YourSelf !”.


Sita prayed Ram to come fast to save her. Nice comparison of Ravan and Ram. Sita replied that we do not have enough vocabulary to describe all the good qualities of Ram. Ravan inquired, “where is Ram?” I liked Sita’s detailed answer very much.

Ram is in my heart, in my heart beats, in my breath, in my hope, in my soul, in my life…Javed Akhtar added further that Ram is in peace, compassion, progress and unity. Just remove Ravan (devil element) and sinful thoughts from your inner being and Ram is there. Ram is there in my heart, Ram is there in your heart also. Ram is everywhere...The song has typical music to welcome Ram, that we generally found only at our rural India.

Yes this song belong to Swades movie – one of my favorite movie. And I am also fan of Javed Akhtar. It is movie about a successful Indian scientist returns to an Indian village to take his NANNY to America with him and in the process he rediscovers his roots. “Swades: We, the people”. We the people together can make difference for our progress instead of blaming authority, government and waiting for others to take actions. /* Same way, this blog is for us. We-the people can shape this blog’s content by active participation.*/

So let me recap. ‘Man Se Ravan Ko Nikalo, Ram Tere Man Me Hai’. Yes, the ignorance (Ravan) is just an outer shield covering your pure true nature (Ram). So I gave title to this post : "Groundnut". :) Shanti Rastu, Tushti Rastu, Pushti Rastu … is how we greet each other on Vijaya Dashami. It means May you have Peace, Health and Prosperity! And yes, we all need to focus for progress, peace and unity. That is true VijayaDashmi. I will end this post, with a nice prayer in Veda “SAMGACHCHHATVAM”. It means, let us all progress together.

Next post....May be a video report on a muscial event. Post on Diwali festival, my first poem, Google gadget are in queue. Just stay tune.:)


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