I wish you liked the earlier mindmaps about IPSec and ANDSF. Today let me share two more mindmaps related to telecom domain. IMS : IP Multimedia Subsystem is again became buzzword due to VoLTE: Voice over LTE. SIP is key protocol to realize IMS and VoIP: Voice over IP. Here, let me share my understanding about SIP and IMS both. 

* IMPU: IMS public Identity
- Tel URI
For requesting communication
Linked with SIM card

* IMPI : IMS Private Identity
For authoraization / registration
Linked with profile

* Globally Routable User Agent URI (GRUU)
IMPU + Instance ID linked with device. (e.g. IMEI)

* Service Profile
1.1 IMPU
1.2 CN Service authoraization
1.3 iFC (Initial Filter Criteria)
1.3.1 AS
1.3.2 Trigger Point Service Point Trigger

* Access n/w

1. PS [IP-CAN]
2. CS [IMS Centrilized Services :ICS] 


I found mindmap is very useful technique to express the connected topics/thoughts. I prepared few mindmaps to comprehend some of the complex wireless / telecom / datacom technologies. I already shared one such mindmap about IPSec protocol. Today, let me share my understanding about ANDSF. 

ANDSF is important features to support mobility in heterogeneous network. The network informs, the UE about presence of surrounding networks. So UE does not require to scan it. Network also informs the UE about preferred and restricted networks. UE can also share the data flow among multiple network. UE will considers not only input from ANDSF, but also the surrounding network condition, received signal strength, congestion in network, user preference etc. Have a look to this mindmap about ANDSF and some more such mindmap on technical topics are in the pipeline. So stay tuned to this blog. Express YourSelf !