Voice Mail Server

I am back, after a long break. I posted two ideas under Innovation Series "What an idea Sir-ji", (1) "Ad-hoc Amplifier" (2) Live AudiCast Today one more idea.

Innovation name: Voice Mail Server.

Intent: To convert home PC to voice mail server. So one can get voice mail service.

Context: Voice mail service is quite common at US. It is not popular much in India. However, it is always nice to have voice mail. If one does not pickup the call, then the caller should have option to record his/her voice message. You can listen to it at his/her convenience.    

Appicability: To record incoming voice call to land-line or mobile phone in one's absence. One can have his own voice message server using normal desktop or laptop.


* A desktop PC or laptop.   

* For land-line phone: external modem for desktop. Many laptop models have built in internal modem.

* For mobile phone: USB cable to connect mobile to PC.    


GSM/CDMA mobile acts as modem. Many laptops have internal modem. All the modems obeys AT commands   

* For mobile phone, connect it to PC using USB cable.   

* For land-line phone, connect the phone cable to internal modem of laptop. OR use external modem and connect that modem to laptop/desktop.    

* Now a write a simple application. This application can configure modem to auto answer the incoming call after user defined rings say N. The AT command will be ATS0 =

* This application will also automatically invoke the audio sound recorder, to record the incoming voice message.   

* The application will extract the mobile number from the AT command interaction with modem, and log it.   

* The customer can listen to all the incoming voice message, once he returns back to home.    

Known Uses:   

All the voice mail, use cases are applicable here. like..   

* This application can be useful, if you are going out for long vacation. You can use this application for mobile or for land-line or for both.   

* One can also use this application, when he/she is busy for meeting or watching TV or spending time with family.   

The biggest advantages are:   

* This solution is completely free. No voice mail subscription.   

* No need to depend upon service provider.

* No extra charge to access / retrieve the voice message.


* The PC should be switched ON.

* The mobile should be connected to PC. If it is with you in your pocket, it will not work as it is. One can subscribe for auto-call-forward to land-line number and let the land-line phone always remain connected to PC

* You may need external modem.

* This is for your personal use. Not scalable to support many users.

* One can connect multiple phones to PC. However if all gets incoming call at the same time, then both messages will be recorded to voice files.

Future Scope:

More sophisticated application can have few extra features.

1. It can play audio message to prompt the caller to record the message.

2. It can have IVR support. One can use simple Matlab library OR Microsoft TAPI to detect the number from incoming DTMF signal.

3. A FTP server, with proper firewall settings, can be deployed. So the customer can access the audio file remotely. The PC should be connected to Internet.

Related Solution:

Voice mail service by your service provider.


This idea is more about apply some simple telecom trick in our day to day life.

Next idea will be about algorithm, logic, software and more exciting. So stay tune to this innovation series "What an idea Sir-ji" on this blog "Express YourSelf !"



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