1 Year of My blog

Hi all

So today, our blog "Express YourSelf!" completed one year successfully. :) It could survive with new articles consistently. Yes, I am not frequently blogging. It is not daily or weekly, may be fortnightly. Let's recall this First Post on my blog. As the name suggests, I started this blog, to express myself.

And I do confine this blog to any specific topics or theme. It has its pros and corns. It is difficult to get advertise, as this blog is about everything. It is easy to attract traffic from Google. As this blog appears in search result for many keyword.
Few articles like FOSS.in 2008, Securing Wireless Cellular System and articles with Art of Living labels are refereed by Google search engine. 362 hits came via Google search engine. An evening with a legendary Yoga Guru Dr B K S Iyenger This article also got enough publicity through word of mouth and social media. Let's look at few more statistics. 27 articles. 1891 hits in a year is 158 hits per month. Recently it increase to 200+ visitors. Average time on site: 2 Min. Visitors from 65 countries, 445 cities. I am leaving in a small global village :)

Writing a blog is a new trend nowadays. So me too.... At the end one year, I can see, many articles about event reports. Yes, I used to write about musical concert to my friends. Later on, I started uploading them at my homepage. Now on blog. Few friends, inspired me to write. Thomas L. Friedman inspired me with his book The World Is Flat. Now, there is not traditional model of journalist, editor, media. An individual can cover any event OR take celebrities' interviews, with his/her mobile, post it at blog and form a community around it.

In addition to event report, I wrote about my poems, my technical learning, my thoughts on science and spirituality, festivals, music, culture, traditions, Google gadgets, book review etc. Much more to come. I am keep modifying this blog's design. On my Birthday, I kept sideshow for B'day pictures. However I avoided sharing about my birthday gifts. I received three unique special gifts, this year on my birthday.

So let me address your feedback. I did it with Aap Aur Ham - 1 After that, not much comments. One day
workhard read many of my articles and my friends' blog also. Sudhir, workhard and Hiral appreciated Concave Mirror. Thanks. It is similar to my earlier article Music of Mind. I covered Hans-Peter Dürr's speech at We Experience More than We can Grasp post. Abhay Suggested it to post at Yes+, while and Parth and Hiral discuss further on the topic.

Suresh and
Hiral appreciated my poem Ashaadhsya Prathame Divase Thanks. I wrote few tiny articles with just a photograph. Best from the waste and Shiva = Shhhhhhhhhhhhhh…. waaahhh! were such articles. Hiral and Himanshu both liked that butterfly picture from Forum Shopping mall. I wrote about IPSec. It is about security protocols. Technical, datacom and telecommunication. Santosh appreciated but, few readers felt it is over simplified. Well, I am planning one more article on LTE. I will make sure to make it complex :)

So far, you all readers have encouraged me. Thanks to all. Now, let this blog enter to second phase. Now I will make sure, more articles, frequent articles, useful and diversify content. Generally blog provides a platform to discuss some issue/topic and collaborate. I wish to collaborate for writing. I am inviting readers to be author or co-author for this blog. I will also write on other's blog. You will see join ventures very soon.

So keep reading this blog, keep commenting and off course, keep smiling. :)


nilam doshi said...

all the best.wishing u heartily success whatever u do..wherever u go..

may almighty fulafil all yr dreams

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