International Blogger's Conference

I attended an interesting international blogger conference this Sunday 6th Jan 2013. Here are the key takeaway points.

The first speakers was Alok Kejriwal, Digital Entrepreneur, CEO and co-founder of Games2Win. He explained the below 10 points. 

  1. Observe Problem: He observed at Mumbai parking a taxi is very difficult. (We Bangalorian also daily facing traffic jams. )
  2. Get Inspired: He got inspiration to build iPhone game app Open Taxi -2. (I had written a short poem about Bangalore traffic and broadcasted over Radio Citi 91.1 To Listen to, click here)
  3. Be very open minded: and 
  4. Listen to the hidden message: They noticed many people had copied their application in few months. The professional staff was agitated, however Alok calmed down them. If someone is stealing our game apps, means the game developed by us, is worthy. 
  5. Innovate: His team developed Parking Trenzy, similar but generic game, not specific to any city for Android (Google Play Store) His game is  number 1 popular game in US market. 

  1. Make your consumer as sales people: Viral marketing. 
  2. Be Reactive, proactive, All active: If you are proactive and then audience will become hyperactive. He shared, his experience. He became  online at specific time to address all the mail/message/comments from Pre-teenager people of specific country. He answered even question like what does CEO mean. The target audience became super charge to know that CEO himself is answering. 
  3. Smile: He mentioned about something to become natural and positive on social media. (I missed this point)
  4. Measure: App developer should be aware about user's interaction with app, with minute details. He captured all details about customer with Google Analytic. At which turning point, people fail to park the car. How many people cross specific level etc. He suggested (during QA) that we as blogger, should use Google Analytics to find out number of daily visitors, out of them, how many are unique visitors, where they belongs to, what pages they visit, how much time they spend etc. 
  5. Improve
In addition to all the above skill points, he gave all credits to Master, his grace for his success. 

He also talked about engaging people on social media. He cross maximum limit of his Facebook contacts. Daily, he wish Happy birthday to many friends from his Facebook contacts. He add "JGD" at the end. so few of them asked back the meaning. Then engage all the people who wish HBD that person about JGD. It s like hacking Birthday persons' wall to talk about JGD and promoting Art of Living. 

One should make story out of nothing. Just imagination. (I wrote a story about naming ceremony of my daughter in the form of her auto-biography. Many people liked it, you may also like it). Write something unusal on your blog. For example, He noticed that he got chance to meet Guruji, whenever he wears T-shirts. He wrote blog article about it. :) His key advice was, write less, but write everyday. 

BhanuDidi joined from US. Guruji was with us and we had very good discussion about use of social media to cultivate human values. Social media should be used such a way, that it remove the misunderstanding and bridge the gap. Wakeup and see yourself in everyone. Tweet about humanity. The social media should not be used to spread hate. Do not abuse. Express opinion, with facts. Do not worry about : what is divine, where is God? Do you want to know, who are you? Then meditate. Alcohol is root cause behind many criminal activities. Discuss on Social Media. Educate people about disadvantage of Alcohol. Spiritualism is only concept, without experience. Bring it to social media. Discuss about vegetarianism. It is way of life, which bring improvement to consciousness.  

Our ancient Rishis had internal network. Now we have Internet. How easily we all connect with each other. Networking is essential, but it should be with people, not with PC. People have face, behind the Facebook. We should maintain all faces, which are books. Social media is very powerful and it is more than boon if utilize effectively in positive way. We give daily 2 hours to ourselves for shower, food etc. Can we spare 1 hour for country? In US, we have more gun shop than grocery shops. The kids who play video game, they do not realize that if we shoot with real gun, the person will die. Some country control media house and ban social media. 

As usual, Guruji's session are always full with wit and wisdom. 

Declaimer: This blog article is not verbatim of speech by anyone. I have put my best effort to capture the essence as per my understanding, my interpretation. Any corrections are welcome. 

The conference had two sessions. Morning 10 AM to 1 PM and evening 6 PM onward  I have attended only evening session. So this article-series will be only about evening sessions. 


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