I Am Against Corruption, & you?

I have many questions, particularly to Hon. Prime Minister of India Dr. Manmohan Singh. 

  1. Yes, the parliament is supreme. Simple reason. The members of parliament (MPs) are our representatives. Today all Indians are in favor of Jan Lokpal Bill. I am wondering, what can be the reason that the parliament is in favor of toothless SARAKAARI Lokpal Bill?
  2. How come the parliament could not pass any such bill in the last 64 years !
  3. If Hon. Prime Minister wants to take the strict actions against the corruption, then what can be more strict method/way/system than Jan Lokpal Bill ! PM should share that idea with team Anna to make Jan Lokpal Bill more strict.
  4. Today youth of India is giving maximum support to Anna Hazare. At this crucial time, Where can be Rahul Gandhi, who wanted to lead the young generation !!

How nice it would be, if they are aware about hurdles in our day to day life, caused by corruption. We should have a challenging yet simple game for all the ministers and MPs. 

•    Get ration card, passport, for them without giving even a single paisa bribe.
•    Just go and register real estate property on your name without bribe.
•    Just convince an auto driver to come with fair as per meter charge.
•    Have a wonderful drive on their vehicles, they will realize how our roads are built. How difficult it is to collect receipts from a traffic police.

After going through all such experiences, their eyes will open. What a ridiculous, the SARAKAARI Lokpal Bill does not address any of our day to day life issues, listed above. We do not mind paying 30% Income Tax. Yes, while paying bribe we feel guilty and helpless. It is unethical. Government officers, MPs and all politicians gets good salary. In addition to that, they take bribe, without any fear! As there is no any strict law, to punish them.

Just look at this article, last year 2010, we had maximum scams. Don't you thin, It is our money. If bank gives us loan, it makes sure for repayment. It is bank’s money. When we invest, we make sure to get positive maximum return. It is our money. Same way, the money, India lost in all the scandals, are our tax payers’ money. This year, our Hon. Prime Minister acknowledged in Independence day speech, the contribution of farmers, labors, workers for the economic growth of India. We have also contributed to bank balance of corrupt politicians. The black money deposited at Swiss banks are our money. Even if corrupt politicians caught with evidence, as per present law, they will get imprisonment for 7 years or so. After 7 years, they can enjoy all our money they stole by scams!!

Anna Hazare rightly said, in this video. We - the people of India - are the king in democracy. Ministers are our servant. However, since Independence, the Neharu/Gandhi family has ruled over us, looted us and made us servant. So far, all the laws were made by them, which make them richer and richer. We have blindly followed and tolerated. Now, it is time, that we - the people of India - are making laws and the government has to follow it. Today the government is just buying little more time to exist, by all such reactions to Anna Hazare movement.

I am sure, our Hon. Prime Minister understand everything. The right and wrong. However he seems helpless. The "remote control" controls him !!!

Enough is enough. I am concern about my money, which I lost in all these scams. I wish to have such a RAM-RAJYA, where no one needs to pay any bribe for anything. So I support India Against Corruption movement. So I am observing fast tomorrow 19th August, to support Anna Hazare. For next election, I will cast my vote only to that candidate who really cares for common men, their problem and supports vision for corruption free India. I will never caste my vote for Congress (I) who kept a true Gandhian Anna Hazare in Tihar Jail.

What about you? Will you all accompany Anna Hazre for his movement India Against Corruption, whatever way, you can?

Yes? Thanks. Looking forward for bright future for India. Jai Hind. 

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Anonymous said...

Me too supporting this movment.
Jay Hind

PK said...

Manishbhai its not SARKAARI Bill.... Its JOKPAL Bill :)


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