Happy (??!!) Independence Day

15th August is Independence Day in our India. In addition to an old event report Made In India, let me share two nice photos. 

One is about a Rangoli at Forum Value mall, Whitefield, Bangalore. Happy Independence Day 2011. The Rangoli is prepared by Mr. Arun Sagar, an art director.

Now look at this, a typical Indian house-maker is preparing food for dinner. This photo was captured without flash on 15th August 2011 between 8 to 9 PM. Electricity was there. Lights were switched off to support anti-corruption movement. To support Anna Hajare's Jan Lokpal Bill. To oppose SARAKAARI Lokpal Bill. 


This is just a single photo, but there are many such women, house makers, families, shop keepers who switched off the light.

Satyam Param Dhimahi (Let Truth, Divinity and Knowledge shine through me),
it will move into '*Satyam eva Jayathe*' (Truth alone shall prevail).

Appeal to all Indians
Anna Hazare @ IIMB


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