Do you like Music? Radio One has started celebrating Music day. Our favorite music singers, not only talks with audience, but also sing their favorite songs with minimum musical instruments. Radio one also put all such recorded "Music Day" programs on its websites. http://www.radioone.in/ 

Radio One is active on Facebook. Someone asked on
, about downloading such programs. Our blog "Express YourSelf !" is the answer for that. Yes, today I will share with you website links about all the Music Day programs from Radio One. You can listen live them on Radio One website. You can download also. Choice is yours. 

I am sure, this article will be useful for all the music lovers. 

Gujju Gadgets

Today is 1st May. Today is Gujarat's foundation day. The Present state of Gujarat was formed in 1st May 1960, as a result of Bombay Reorganization act, 1960. Last year we celebrated, Suvarna-Jayanti (Golden Jubilee). This year on this occasion of Gujarat's foundation day, I am sharing my Gujarati Google Gadgets. Just add these IGoogle gadgets at your IGoogle homepage, or Google desktop, or Windows Vista/Windows 7 side bar, and enjoy the Gujarati content.  

Here is the list:

  • Daily quotation, thoughts of the day :  
  1. SuPrabhatam Daily Quote  source Gujarat Samachar daily newspaper
  2. Aaj Ni Khaathi-Mithi source Param Samipe blog by Ms Nilamben Doshi
  3. Aaz No SuVichar source ZAZI
  4. Aaz No Suvichar source Gurjari.net
  • Humors incident to keep you smile
  1. Daily Joke source Gujarat Samachar daily newspaper
  2. Ramooz source ZAZI
  • Swaminarayan Gadgets
  1. PreNa Parimal: A short inspirational story.
  2. Daily ShikshaPatri (Gujarati) : You can read daily one quotation from the holy book ShikshaPatri written by the lord Swaminarayan. This book explains code of conduct for all people. 
  3. Likhat Hai SantSujaaN: Answer to our eternal quest. By HDH Pramukh Swami Maharaj. Source: Monthly calnder 'Likhat Hai SantSujaaN' printed by BAPS Swaminarayan Aksharpith, Amdavad. 
  • Others
  1. Today's Shaayari source Free Gujarati SMS's blog
  2. Today's Horoscope Read (and compare) your daily forecast from multiple sources in a single widget (1) Gujarat Samachar daily newspaper (2) WebDuniya Gujarati (3) Sandesh daily newspaper (4) Divya Bhaskar daily newspaper and (5) Gurjari.net
  3. Raam-Katha Pujay Moorari bapu's schedule for upcoming Ramkathas on Google map. This content is in English, however, it is relevant to us, Gujarati people
  4. Choghadiya This gadget will display current running Choghadiya/Muhart 

Please visit my other relevant articles SwamiNarayan Google gadgets and Art of Living Google gadgets for more IGoogle gadgets. Share your comments / feedback. And yes, wait for one more last article on my IGoogle gadgets : Miscellaneous Google Gadgets at your own blog Express YourSelf !