At every stage of our life, we are making choice. Choice of to do something or not. Choice of investing our life.

Some of our relatives and friends support it and rests of them oppose our decision. Always ask yourself. “Do I choose my dream, my ambition and make choice accordingly? OR Do I do what is good/right/appropriate and later on I may regret for my choice?” At every stage of life, we have this dilemma. Our culture, parents, works, in-laws, spouse, society…the whole system defines a set of appropriate actions. Our choice demands determination. We have to make choice without negating that system and without surrendering our own identity. Only make sure to maintain the basic values.

We have to pay price for the choice that we make. Each choice we make is providing us a new world of opportunities and experiences. We take small steps towards goal. Many such small steps give a sense of direction. It is beginning of adventure. Everyday when we awake, our choice gives a different looks to life. It is a departure from yesterday.

We contribute to system for getting meaning of life….. further meaning of life…..and for having a sense of fulfillment. At the same time we are also part of system! Life is much more than our work/job/occupation. Life has wider aspects like yourself, family, children. Does respect for elders mean scarification of our own dreams/ambition/choice?

Whenever you face dilemma, just remember this story.

Story always begins with…?

Yes….“once upon a time”

Once upon a time……long long time back yet yesterday only….far far from here yet nearby only….there was a boy. At the stage of adulthood he started making decision about his life…..His parents provides guidance, sometimes agree, sometimes disagree with his decision….Once he left for roaming…to find out his own world…. There was a highway. Parents/friends advised him to follow the highway. As everyone were following it. One more option the boy discovered. It was a not highway. It was not even a way….It was a kind of way passing through forest…The boy choose that way. He made his own way from all the obstacles of forest. He became successful. His success only credited to his choice to choose a difficult way.


This content has been taken from speech by Ms. Indira Parikh at convocation of a Management Diploma course by AMA (Ahmedbad Management Association). Year 2000. The author has put great effort into writing this speech as accurately he could. However the author is not liable of any misinterpretation or incorrectness of the content. This speech is not for support or for publicity of any true or false believes, any school of thought and any particular group of people.



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